Finding Something Friday: How to Help Japan

When I was a little girl, my mother had a stock saying for those times I would complain about, well, anything.

“I used to cry because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet.”

My heart goes out to the people in Japan who have no shoes, no heat, no homes, and some who are giving their very lives so that others may be safe.

And on this Finding Something Friday, I found folks who are trying to help. So on Monday, March 21st, look for me here, at the Kidlit4Japan Benefit Auction.

I never seem to win the big prizes at these auctions, but I promise I won’t complain. Not even a sigh. My mom has a stock saying for this situation, too:

“The Lord loves a cheerful giver.”

8 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday: How to Help Japan

  1. What a wonderful selfless way to contribute. It breaks my heart to hear the news and to see how stoic those dear people are. Americans are whiners. My heart goes out to the people of Japan.

  2. Hi Cathy! Sorry I haven't been by in a while.(I seem to be saying that to everyone lately, too.) The Japanese people are definitely the most stoic I've ever seen. As Linda said, Americans are whiners. I hope those lovely people don't have to endure any more tragedies.

  3. Gail, yay for you! That reminds me…I have an email in my inbox from you that needs attending to–I hope it's not too late!Becky, not to worry. I know you have lots on your plate with a book to finish. I completely understand!Stoic, indeed, Linda. The money from this auction will go to children's needs. I suspect that even the Japanese children are stoic.Debra, you're checking out the auction, aren't you? I'll see you there!

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