Finding Something (on a Good) Friday

When I was a kidder, Good Friday was…quiet. Around noon, a somberness would settle over the everyday activities, culminating in an evening service that left all spiritually bereft. Even children could sense the sadness of this sacred day.

These days, I’m not sure Good Friday is that much different from any other Friday. Kids have baseball games, adults have to work late into the evening, moms rush around with last minute shopping for Easter dinners. I mean, if aliens crash landed on Earth today, they might wonder why humans were making such a fuss about recycling (It’s also Earth Day). But would they notice anything else?

Would they find the spiritual quiet of Good Friday?

8 thoughts on “Finding Something (on a Good) Friday

  1. I agree completely, Cath. We used to have to keep quiet in the afternoon and preferably attend the stations of the cross at 3:00. Times have changed, for sure.

  2. I remember those days, too. Good Friday used to mean something. Employers even used to let you off work early. Now it's just a day to go to the movies. Come back, yesteryear! Come back.

  3. Rememberance, rejoicing, commemorations start with me, and a little planning. Society will morph and change but prayer, celebration, tradition starts with each of us.

  4. Yes, I remember those days, too, Cathy. The way society changes over the years….doesn't it make you wonder what things will be like in 50 years?! Scary!

  5. We had the nicest church service last night. It was both uplifting (Good Friday should be a happy day for us!) and reverent. Even the kids were respectfully quiet. Of course, it helped that Mark fell asleep during the sermon. 🙂

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