Piddling and Pondering

So I’ve absolutely, positively finished the last of the edits on my YA manuscript. I’ve even started a new Middle Grade idea, and fleshed out where I want the story to go. I really, really need to get cracking on that agent query and put words on paper for the MG manuscript. And yet…I seem to be stuck in piddling mode.

You know what I mean by piddling? It’s that frittering away of time on little tasks that kinda, sorta should be done but honestly, you could let go. That chair you painted five years ago that could use a second coat? You’ve let it go all this time, but suddenly, you piddle around, looking for that can of paint…and do you have a brush? Maybe you could just dash to the store and pick up another one. And before you know it, you’ve piddled around the entire day and all you have to show for it (maybe) is a freshly painted chair.

Pondering on my piddling has led me to the inevitable conclusion: Piddling is keeping me from facing that agent-querying task. It’s ever so hard to put one’s heart and soul out there, even if you’ve had years of practice. But now I’m declaring this a No Piddle Zone. It’s GO time on that query!

Um, but before I go, I have to share what Juniorette Hall brought to my attention yesterday on a shoe-shopping expedition. “Look at this,” she said, pointing to the little silica gel packet. “Do not eat” was printed on it. The quotation marks are theirs, not mine.

Which of course, made me think of the “blog” of “unnecessary” quotation marks. I mean, why would you put Do Not Eat in quotation marks on this packet? Maybe, really, it’s okay to eat silica gel. Or maybe…oh, shoot. See?

There I go, piddling again.

14 thoughts on “Piddling and Pondering

  1. Hooray for finished manuscripts! And hooray for piddling! What? What was that? I'm not supposed to cheer for piddling? Oh..oh okay, then. Boo for piddling. Yay for querying! Need some help? I MAY just have, oh I don't know, a bit of recent EXPERIENCE in the querying department. Whether I like it or not…

  2. It would be an interesting survey to ask people what they do to piddle, that which takes the place of what they should be doing. My husband (piddling when he should have been writing on his dissertation) would cook up some wonderful meals. I tend to clean.

  3. Wheeee! Piddling! D'oh. Now you've got me doing it. :-)Sally, you're absolutely right. I tend to organize…go through emails, follow links and such. But as some point, I always throw organization to the wind and find myself laughing hysterically at some Youtube videos of dogs.

  4. Will do, Vicky! And I mean will as in today, not piddling around will.:-)You know, Melissa, it DOES sound British. And I love all things Brit. Which explains my whole piddling thing…;-)

  5. I usually call it putzing around or puttering around – maybe it's a Northeastern thing? (Piddling is what my grandmother used to call it when she let the dog outside in the yard to do its thing.) Ah, language! 🙂

  6. Piddling means something entirely different at my house. What you call piddling, I call putzing. "Piddling" makes me think of the adorable toddler I live with who has atrocious aim.Best of luck on the query expedition!

  7. Cathy, I can relate. I am a piddler extraordinaire! Especially when it comes to preparing queries. Yikes, does it ever go away?????

  8. Your piddling might lead to another idea — perhaps a young person wonders why those little packets are so clearly marked — are the shoe people hiding something wonderful? Are drugs being hidden in shoe boxes? Many years ago the people at Betty Crocker were criticized because the recipe for some dish with canned corn didn't say to remove the corn from the can!

  9. Cathy, what y'all call piddling, I call fiddle-farting and I am the Queen of Fiddle-Farting the time away when I should be doing something worthwhile!! 😮

  10. Who knew piddling would strike such a chord with y'all? On the other hand, you DO all follow me, so…:-)And thanks for the good query wishes. Will keep you updated!

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