Tooting My Horn for a Blog Award

You know what’s fabulous about blog awards? You just get ’em.

You don’t have to write 750 more brilliant words than anyone else’s brilliant words. You don’t have to send in an entry fee or worry about a deadline or get an agent first! You don’t have to follow a prompt, or sign on as a follower or tweet or…well, anything.
You just wake up one day and someone sends you a little message saying, “You’ve won a blog award because I think you’re swell.”
Well, you and your blog are swell. Technically. So thanks to my buddy Gail who blogs over at Write from the Soul for sending along The Stylish Blogger Award. Not to brag, but I do rock a certain je ne sais quoi look here at the Hall of Fame.
As per the rules, 1. I’ve linked to the person who gave me the award. And 2. I shall pass along the award to a deserving blog or two. And of course, 3. I shall congratulate said deserving blogger. But 4., I must share seven things about myself. I suspect they must be true things.
1. I have a fear of bridges and roll down the windows when I must cross over one. So I suppose, really, I have a fear of a bridge collapsing while I’m on one and then being trapped in my car and drowning. Frankly, I have a fear just writing about my fear.
2. I will not eat asparagus because they smell funny.
3. I am an only girl (with three brothers). My mother is an only girl (with two brothers). My daughter is an only girl (with two brothers).
4. Contrary to my brothers’ opinion, I did not always “get whatever I wanted.” For instance,
5. I can’t play the piano. So there.
6. When I was 18, I backed up into someone’s mailbox so that the pole and the ground formed a right angled isosceles triangle. But I knew my dad would turn purple if he found out, so I drove home and prayed that the police wouldn’t come after me, thereby requiring me to ‘fess up. I escaped jail time and my father’s wrath, and I’m pretty sure those folks have replaced the mailbox by now.
7. Yeah, I love writing and words and grammar, but I’m kinda geeky about math, too. I mean, as long as it’s pretty easy like a right angled isosceles triangle.
And now, because I want to know seven things about Madeline and Paige, I’ll pass along this sweet award. Well, the seven things…but also, and mostly, because I think you’re swell.

16 thoughts on “Tooting My Horn for a Blog Award

  1. wow, you are a dualy, left and rtight brained. I do letters, not numbers. Congratulations on your award. And talk about being directionally challenged, I;ve been known to read the map upside down, that's why he drives and I now complain about the chatty, whiny GPS broad on the dash.

  2. Hmm, seven things about me? I didn't know this award came with homework – sheesh! Just kidding! I'm actually honored. πŸ™‚ So, now I have to think of some interesting facts about me…they do have to be interesting, right? Sigh. πŸ™‚

  3. I read that Meredith Vieira is afraid of bridges, and would lay down on the back seat of the car to get across. Seems like she improved a little bit with therapy, like maybe enough to sit up. As you can see, I'm not a conscientious fact-checker.I don't like crossing bridges much myself, but I will do it as a passenger in order to get to a casino.

  4. Bridges! Holy hell! Not a fan myself, but I don't mind the ones over water. It's the kind that stretch over another road that freak me out. Loving the seven things! And congrats, you stylin' lady!

  5. Congrats on your award. You are stylish, indeed. :)The bridge phobia I get completely…I'm not afraid, but I won't look down. The asparagus…one of my favorite veggies, especially wrapped in prosciutto and baked. Yum.

  6. You know what was on the news last night? A bridge collapsed. And it wasn't over water, Kara.Paige, you are very welcome. Eager to read your 7 things!And Lisa, that's the thing about asparagus. Lots of people think they're dandy. As long as they eat 'em downwind of me, I'm fine. πŸ™‚

  7. Hey Cathy,Congratulations on yet another award. I love reading these kind of posts and learning obscure facts about my blogger friends.Who knew you're afraid of bridges? When I was little, my mom told us kids to hold our breath when we crossed a bridge–for good luck. And we did. Of course, it might have been to keep us all quiet for at least as long as it took to cross a bridge.When my kids were little I told them they same thing–and have passed it on to my grandkids too.Donna

  8. I knew seven things about you would be interesting, and you didn't disappoint. I grew up in Michigan and the bridge that connected lower Michigan to Upper always freaked me out. Think "see through grate". Or don't think it if it'll make you break out in hives.And congrats on a well-deserved award!

  9. Fun award- Gotta have a looky-see from Paige's page. Like your list n the synchronicity of the girl with 2 brothers thing! amazing! Like the Fox squirrel too-I've never seen one before, but saw red, grey, n black ones. Are you your own style of writing? Why follow F Scott Fitz advice if it isin't you? I like emphasizing stuff whenever I feel like it…

  10. Donna, I know lots of people who hold their breath while crossing a bridge. I just figured they were the "better safe than sorry" types!And Deb, there is a HUGE bridge that crosses from Savannah over to South Carolina. No hives, but MAJOR panic attacks when I had to cross it (Mom in the front seat, "Cathy, CALM down." P.S. Telling people to calm down does NOT calm them down.)And hello, Snaggle Tooth! Thanks for dropping in! (Clearly, I don't follow F. Scott's advice as I'm pretty free-wheelin' with exclamation points.) Come back soon!

  11. So glad you enjoyed and passes on the award. Loved your 7 items; ain't it fun to learn stuff about your buds! As for mailboxes on posts, I'm convinced that's the reason some cars now have the cameras showing where they are backing up, or what they're backing into!

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