Loving Random Acts of Publicity

There’s something about Darcy Pattison’s Random Acts of Publicity that I just love.
I’m not sure if it’s the simplicity of the idea…that we can pick any method we like to publicize a friend’s book. Or the idea that we can, in fact, help a writer friend out in such a simple but effective way. Possibly it’s just because the word “random” is thrown in there. I’ve always liked random. Wonder what that says about me? Anyway, whatever the something is about Random Acts of Publicity, I love it!
Maybe you’ll love it, too. If you have a friend who’s recently released a book (or maybe not so recently–it doesn’t matter!), why not give her or him a gift of publicity? Blog about it, link to it, like it on Facebook, review it, or talk about it, wherever, whenever you can. See how simple that is? And you should check out Darcy’s blog for giveaways this week (you can sign up your friend’s book for a chance to win all kinds of publicity packages).

The promotion’s going on all week over at Darcy’s place (and on the Facebook page). But you know what I’m thinking? Anytime is a good time for a random act of publicity. (Really. I love this idea!)

9 thoughts on “Loving Random Acts of Publicity

  1. What a scathingly brilliant idea! I wish I would've thought of it!! Because I talk often about Random Acts of Kindness! I'll be sure and check it out. Thanks, Cathy C!

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