Katie’s Doll Gets Around (She’s on a Mission!)

Yes, I know I’m too old for dolls, but there’s something special about this little yarn cutie.
See, she came home and joined me outside while I enjoyed a quick read. I was busy checking out the blog of the girl who makes these yarn dolls. Her name is Katherine Mayhew, and I think she’s twelve. When I was twelve, I spent an awful lot of time singing into a hairbrush and devising ways to meet The Monkees.

So right in the middle of reading about her mission to raise money for orphans in Africa so they can go on a field trip, I found my little yarn doll, swinging on the chandelier in the dining room. I don’t think the orphans would approve of those shenanigans. Although if I’m honest, those kids have probably never seen a chandelier. I’m not even sure they have electricity in that village.

Anyway, I got her down from there–and couldn’t help noticing what fine shape she was in. My, I said to myself, that Katie can really knit well. And didn’t I see something about dishcloths? A person can never have enough dishcloths (especially if that person lives with the Beneficent-yet messy- Mr. Hall.) I should order some of those fine knitted wonders, too, I thought. But before I could get around to that, I had to find my doll. She was perusing my bookshelves, from the upside-down position.

Oh, that little stinker!

I had one more thing I wanted to look up, so I have my little yarn doll here, hanging out with me at the Hall of Fame, while I read about Katherine’s Mission. I imagine Katie’s going to need a lot of help to raise enough money for the orphans, but I have a feeling she’ll succeed.

As for keeping up with those wild and crazy dolls, she’s on her own.

14 thoughts on “Katie’s Doll Gets Around (She’s on a Mission!)

  1. Is the doll's grandmother going to be at the schmooze on Saturday? If I'm getting showered and dressed, I might as well buy a doll, while I'm out. That way I won't feel like I went to all that effort just to hear a famous author speak. Will you ask the grandmother if she will bring me one of the dolls if she's coming? It would save on shipping costs.

  2. I shall pass along your lovely comments to Katie, y'all. And Sally, if Katie doesn't have a doll knitted by Saturday, you can have mine. I see the grandma all the time-;-)(Although I can't be responsible for her wild and crazy antics!)

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