A This ‘n That Tuesday (or Yay! A Market, a Publisher, and Free Books!)

So, yes, this is one of those posts where I throw stuff out there and you are free to pick and choose. Speaking of free, let’s start with your opportunity to win bunches of books!

I Am a Reader, Not a Writer and I Read Banned Books are hosting this humongous Banned Books Week Hop. And when I say humongous, I mean 250 blogs humongous. That’s 250 opportunities for you to win some banned books (which also happen to be some of the best books out there). I’ve already espoused my opinion on this subject here and here (and not to go on about it, but the 2010 post was one of my better efforts), so I’ll just say read a banned book today and grow your mind.

Next up is a submission opportunity at Big Pulp. I’m sorry I didn’t throw this paying magazine out there sooner–the window is only open till the end of September! But if you have a fantabulous fantasy, horrid horror, mystical mystery, awesome adventure, super science fiction, or robust romance then you’ve got a chance at Big Pulp. (Just so you know, I’ve absolutely been slashing adjectives out of my manuscript, but it didn’t seem right to waste all those perfectly fine modifiers. Not to mention adverbs.) And do let me know if you get accepted. I’d love to read your scintillating story!

And finally, if you’ve got a robust romance that is actually a full manuscript, then you might want to zip over to Mills and Boon New Voices. They’re looking for a new voice in romance and they’re giving away grand prizes, too. That is to say, the prizes are grand for the Top 20, but they also have one Grand Prize package. You have till October 10th on this opportunity but that doesn’t mean you can dilly-dally about sending in that first chapter. Pull that manuscript out from under-the-bed and give it a polish. And please, let me know if you’re over there so I can dash to your cozy chapter and give a comment!

That should keep you busting-out busy for the week. (And yay! I’ve used up my daily quota of adjectives.)

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