November Writing Advice: Not Just for NaNo Anymore

So, I know that hordes of writers are out there, busily pounding out their 1,569 words today so they can make their National Novel Writing Month goal of 50,000 words. Kudos to y’all!

And kudos to all y’all who may be a NaNo writer like me. Maybe you’ll make 45,000 words. Maybe you’ll forget to actually sign up. Maybe you’ll manage to pound out only 1500 words. Doesn’t make you any less of a writer. (It does, however, leave you with an awful lot of manuscript to finish.) You might be the kind of writer who could use a little extra inspiration and some serious writerly advice. Go here.

Or maybe you’re skipping Nano this year in favor of something different. Maybe, like me, you’ve signed up for Picture Book Idea Month. Because, honestly, who can’t come up with an idea a day? Kudos to y’all! But maybe, inexplicably, your ideas sort of sputter out on the third day, along with your kudos. You might be the kind of writer who could use some extra inspiration and some wonderful writerly advice. Go here.

Okay, yes, it’s the same writerly advice and inspiration. Because it doesn’t matter what you write. It only matters that you write. At least, if you were born to write. And kudos to my writer buddy, Kara Bietz, for sharing that little nugget of writer gold.

9 thoughts on “November Writing Advice: Not Just for NaNo Anymore

  1. Wise words, Master Y. I jumped into NaNo again. My poor, long suffering husband only sighed and said, "Oy. again?" Ah, well. I hope I make the 50,000—I plan to. But if not, well, as you point out, I'll be farther along than I was before. 🙂

  2. Glad y'all liked it. I know Kara's books will be in the library someday soon!Lisa, I hope you make that goal–I want to know how that story ends!Deb, I had a PB idea that I fleshed out in the shower, then wrote up. Oh, how I love an inspirational shower! 😉

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