Literary Traveler Leads to Letters Of Note

As so often happens with me, the writer, I digressed in the middle of writing. It happened this time right in the beginning of this post. Fortunately for you, the reader (and writer), I have made my way back.

I started at Literary Traveler. I fell in love with the concept of this site that I stumbled upon in a market listing and thought that you writers might like it, too. It’s basically an e-zine that combines travel stories with the stories of literary greats. And while I was perusing the writer’s guidelines here (because just about every place can claim a literary great, right?), I thought, Let me just zip around and read one of these literary articles, to see if I have the right stuff for writing up an article in Literary Traveler.

And so I checked the names of literary greats until my little eye spied Edward Gorey. Now, I am a big fan of Edward Gorey. Long ago, I fell in love with his illustrations at the beginning of what used to be Mystery Theater (on public TV). And so I absolutely had to read all about old Ed and creepy Cape Cod.

And then, I clicked on the Facebook link of Literary Traveler, whereupon I came across a rejection letter of Kurt Vonnegut’s at Letters of Note.

Now, I am a big fan of letters. Not so much me writing them. More like me reading other people’s letters. So you can see how Letters of Note was perfect for me. It probably comes as no surprise to you that I got totally caught up in reading letters. I mean, how could I possibly pass up STAR TREK/Casting? (I am a really big fan of STAR TREK.)

The only reason I ever made it back to the blog to write about all these finds was that the Beneficent Mr. Hall started to yell something about dinner.

I may never quite make it to my writing, but I always make it to dinner. (I am a HUGE fan of food.)

6 thoughts on “Literary Traveler Leads to Letters Of Note

  1. Don't you just love it? You set out to do one thing and end up a million sites away? Well, maybe not a million. I use a timer and set it for 15 minutes. Then the timer rings and I turn it off and keep surfing. Yeah, it doesn't help me much. Maybe I should tell my DH to start yelling something about dinner more often. Something like, "Come on honey, I'm taking you out to eat!"

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