Tuesday Tip: You’ve Got To Earn It

ImageFor the most part, I’ve got it pretty good, as jobs go.

I get to work at what I love, and I don’t stress too much about finances, thanks to my live-in patron of the arts. But just because I don’t make a ton of money from writing doesn’t mean I don’t invest a ton of hours into my job. I work 9 to 5, Monday through Friday, and if I take off for lunch or an appointment, I make those hours up in the evening or weekends. But still, it was a long time coming before friends and family took my job as seriously as I took it.

I used to think it was about money. But eventually, I figured out that it wasn’t so much about earning money as it was earning respect for the job–and for me, as a writer. If you want to know the particulars, you can read my post over at The Muffin today.

And now, I’ve got to get back to work. I need to make enough to go out to lunch with a writer friend. The Beneficent Mr. Hall gets a little sulky about paying restaurant tabs when he’s not invited.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip: You’ve Got To Earn It

  1. You’ve redecorated since I was last here. Love it! And love this post. Writers: we get less respect than Rodney Dangerfield! I’m almost done with my novel (it’s been about 3 years!) and I’m sick of people asking if I’ve finished, like I’m not going to. I tell them excellence takes time. But I’m not even going to MENTION book II until it’s out in bookstores (or on Amazon). 😉

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