Survey Says: Your Thoughts, Please

2012-07-27 12.57.51I wanted to make an actual survey, but I’m a little nervous about doing anything fancy on Precious this morning. Unfortunately, Precious and I and the Beneficent Mr. Hall had a bit of a computer snafu this weekend and even now, I’m typing with somewhat shaky fingers.

(Oh, okay. Here’s what happened, the short version: Mr. Man was copying my files on to his super-duper, made of titanium and other super substances I can’t even spell, used-only-for-work, flashdrive. And suddenly, I was like, “Hey. Where are my files?” And he was like, “Calm down. They’re on the flash drive.” And then I was all, “I think I’m remarkably calm, considering that the LAST SEVEN YEARS OF MY LIFE IS MISSING.” And then he was all, “They’re here somewhere. They can’t just disappear.” But apparently, they CAN just disappear, even from a super-duper, made of titanium and other super substances I can’t even spell, used-only-for-work, flashdrive. Fortunately, my other super-cheap and made of plastic flashdrive held everything up to January of 2013. And I use Dropbox, though for reasons I still don’t understand, it had quit automatically saving my files from…January 2013. BUT, because I do not trust certain technologies–with good reason, I think–I always email major stuff to myself. So in the end, I lost a couple Chicken Soup stories, which, all things considered, was not too bad. Mind you, I’m not blaming Precious. I’m not even blaming Mr. Man. I’m blaming the super-duper, made of titanium and other super substances I can’t even spell, used-only-for-work, flashdrive. I would stick pins in it, except… well, it’s made of freakin’ titanium, y’all.)

So. Back to the survey.

As you may have noticed, I’ve been playing around with my blog title. I’d intended all along to change the name to fit with the theme because I really like this fishy look. I mean, this time, I’m sticking with the theme forever.

Probably. Anyway, I can’t decide which title I like best and I’m throwing it out for y’all’s opinion. (And yes, y’all’s is a perfectly good word, used extensively in Georgia and other states below the Mason-Dixon Line.) Feel free to weigh in with any thoughts in the Comments section (and pretend that you made your choice and a little message popped up saying, “Thanks for taking this survey!”)

Blog Titles Under Consideration:

Cathy C. Hall

Fishing for the Writer Within

Fishing for the Write Idea

Fishing in the Write Spot

Stay tuned for the big reveal. (Okay, it won’t be like a huge reveal. It’ll be more like an average reveal. But do not let my tendency towards hyperbole in any way affect your opinion of the laptop snafu story. Trust me. I toned that story way down, just in case the kiddies were reading.)



12 thoughts on “Survey Says: Your Thoughts, Please

  1. Fishing in the Write Spot. Definitely. That is Brilliant!!!

    Me, I’d take that super-duper, made of titanium and other super substances you can’t even spell, used-only-for-work, flashdrive out in the driveway and jump up and down on it a few times. Sure, you may not be able to hurt it, but jumping on it would feel soooooooo good. Just be sure to wear thick-soled shoes.

    • Hahahahaa! Don’t think I didn’t consider that, Trisha. Except oddly enough, it doesn’t seem to have problems copying all of Mr. Man’s work–(everybody’s a critic, I guess, including flashdrives!)

      And thanks for taking the survey. I came up with that title pre-snafu–honestly, my brain hasn’t been the same since. 🙂

  2. I like: Fishing for the Write Idea. It’s a title almost every writer can relate to, whether they write fiction on non-fiction.
    So sorry about your recent loss. Perhaps you placed your stash of Kryptonite too close to Precious?

  3. I can imagine what kiddies you might have reading this. 🙂 I thought you sounded remarkably calm and collected about the whole thing! It was bad enough reading this – I think my heart almost stopped a couple times! As soon as I’m done here, I’m finding Nathanael and making sure he installed some kind of back up system! On to the survey…I’ve read the other comments, and not to confuse matters even more, but I really, really, really like Cathy C. Hall at the top. Make one of the other phrases your tagline, but keep your name up there. Otherwise you’re just another fish in the vast ocean of anonymous writers. (And we all know that doesn’t describe you! Haha!)

  4. Fishing for the Writer Within was great bait, in my opinion, but I think that should be a tagline. Keep your name first and foremost…

    However, here’s another option: Stickin’ It to Cathy-on-a-Stick.

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