Friday’s Fun Find: International Book Giving Day!

ImageOh, how I love International Book Giving Day! Let me count the ways…

1. You don’t have to give away a new book. You can give away a much-loved book.

2. Encouraging children to read + Stealthily leaving a book = Super Fun

3. Very cool and free bookplates to put in your giveaway book.

4. Marc Martin’s free bookmark (which ties in nicely to a certain writer’s blog theme).

5. And Tim Budgen’s bookmarks, too (which feature a certain dog that may or may not look familiar).

6. Because it makes my heart feel good to read all these stories and know that somewhere, on February 14th, a child may find the book that opens his or her heart to a lifelong love of reading.

7. And really, that’s such an awesome thing, I’ve lost count.

8 thoughts on “Friday’s Fun Find: International Book Giving Day!

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