A Thursday Tip: Spreading the Word on Smore

ImageOh my sweet tooth. How can you not check out a site called “Smore”?

A writer friend posted (on that social network I’m supposed to be limiting) about an online flyer she’d created at a site called Smore. And I paused in my seven minute dash to check it out.  And then I immediately signed up at Smore! (You can sign up for the free plan or choose one of their paid plans.)

I really wished I needed an online flyer. It looked fun and easy and very professional. I like anything that makes me look professional. And I am all about the easy.

Alas, I don’t need a flyer. But if I did, I’d spread the word with Smore. And now, despite my spreading hips, I really need to eat a s’more.

2 thoughts on “A Thursday Tip: Spreading the Word on Smore

  1. Well, thank you my dear Cathy, for this tidbit. And now I am heading tot he kitchen for a bit of sweet treat.

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