When Inspiration Won’t Leave You Alone

2014-09-12 11.58.17I knew I had a Muffin blog post coming up. I just didn’t know what in the world I’d write about. But I’d worry about that later as I screamed and yelled and ranted through a college football game, followed the next day by another display of football failure.

One day left and still no idea. I watched The Roosevelts (It’s fascinating!) hoping for inspiration.

Nothing. But late that night, right before turning out the light, it came to me, this inspiration rooted in my competitive drive.

Ugh. I didn’t want to write about that. I did not want to explore the idea of when competition goes bad for writers. I mean, it’s not a pretty sight, right? I fell asleep, figuring something else would come to me.

But my brain just would not come up with another idea. It seemed absolutely stuck on the whole competition theme. The clock was ticking and...fine. I wrote “When Competition Gets Ugly.” You can find it over at the Muffin today.

At least those ugly weekend football games were good for something.

9 thoughts on “When Inspiration Won’t Leave You Alone

  1. Thanks Lynn and Donna–and I appreciated your comments over at The Muffin, too. I think most of the time, most writers are genuinely happy for their friends’ success and work hard, trying to stay on their own writing track. Thank goodness, because slipping off the rails can make a person crazy!

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