A How To Guide For Selling Your Book-FREE!

small fires bookOh my word, my brain is still conference-buzzing but I have a wonderful opportunity for you so I can’t wait for my head (and other body parts–don’t ask) to get back to normal.

Writer friend, T. K. Read, is offering her book, 100 SMALL FIRES TO MAKE YOUR BOOK SALES BLAZE, absolutely FREE, now through Wednesday! And here’s just a small part of the blurb:

A How to Guide and Marketing Plan for selling your book, Kindle book or eBook…includes sample budgets and time-lines with strategies to make your blog tours sizzle, your rankings rise and your book sales soar. This book differs from other “How To” marketing tomes in its action oriented content. Not only do we give you an overview of the latest marketing trends including Content Marketing, Antic Advertising and Gamification, we also provide 100 Small Fires – concrete and creative ideas you can use to market your book AND three marketing plans, covering all sized budgets with timelines for taking specific actions.

Now, I don’t want you thinking that these are tips that only kidlit writers can use. They’re gems for any writer–any age group, any genre–and they’re invaluable whether your book is coming out in a couple months or a couple years (or even if your book is filed away in your brain, still waiting to be written).

AND, T.K. is getting ready to update the book. So she’d love to hear from you if you have any marketing ideas to share.

So go get your free ebook and burn it up out there!

Wait! Hold on! Figuratively speaking, I mean!

Ugh. My head hurts. More about the conference later, grasshopper.

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