Did Somebody Say September? (Yep, It’s Back To Work)

2014-08-12 15.16.02September already? 

Hard to believe but there’s no arguing with the calendar. September: the month for Back-to-School (though now the kidders and teachers go back in early August which is just wrong, y’all). Still, there’s a switch that flips in my brain come September and I find myself shaking the sand out of the little gray cells and hunkering down, getting back to all those projects I sort of neglected through the endless sunny days, reading in my lounge chair on the deck, the Libster at my feet.

So it’s back to work and all that jazz, and right off the September bat, I have a website surprise for you that I think you’re going to love ’cause I sure did. And I could just give you the link and tell you all about it but it’s September, y’all, so yeah, you’re going to have to work for it.

(Check out my Muffin post today for “An Easy Infographic Tool (Yep, It’s Really Easy!)

6 thoughts on “Did Somebody Say September? (Yep, It’s Back To Work)

  1. I’m really late in coming to your blog this week, Cathy, but I love your Muffin post. Thanks so much for the tip about Easel.ly. I’ll definitely check that out. Hope to be more timely on your next post… 🙂

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