The I-Got-An-Agent Post

Yep, I did it. And it only took…well, if you want to know exactly what it took, give a read to my story over on the Muffin today.

And yet…there’s a little bit of me that feels like Julie in The Sound of Music when she leaves the comfort of her old life to go out in the big, wide world to face whatever’s in store for her in her new life. In fact, I believe I shall sing along with Julie right now. Come join me! A little bit of “I Have Confidence” is good for all of us, right?

17 thoughts on “The I-Got-An-Agent Post

  1. So, so happy for you, Cathy! Congratulations! I know how daunting that agent process can be. Sadly, I’ve been through two. The first one left the business to return to practicing law, the second one left the business altogether. That second one really hit me hard, but I’ve picked myself up and am looking again. You are absolutely right that tenacity is the key. Now I’ll jump on over to The Muffin to comment πŸ™‚

    • Oh, Theresa, what a challenge! But on the plus side, you’ve snagged two agents–that’s TWO professionals who were impressed with your work and that’s pretty darn impressive. Good luck finding the right fit!

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