Counting Your Blessings


Last year, I shared about my gratitude journal and how I count my blessings (at least five, sometimes more) before I go to sleep. It reminded me of this song from the movie, White Christmas. So I shared the song, too, but it was on the Friday after Thanksgiving, and maybe you were busy with after-Thanksgiving activities.

I thought I’d share the song again. ‘Cause I just love this song.

I don’t love journaling so much. I know I call my notebook a “gratitude journal”, but it’s more like a collection of lists. I’m a professional when it comes to making lists. Wherever I am, I pull out my gratitude notebook and list away. Β And most nights, I drift off pretty peacefully.

So after the cleaning and the dusting, the chopping and the stuffing, the baking and the cooking, I hope you’ll have a quiet moment for counting your blessings. Even if it’s the last thing you do before you close your eyes on Thanksgiving night:

If you’re worried and you can’t sleep. Count your blessings instead of sheep. And you’ll fall asleep, counting your blessings.


12 thoughts on “Counting Your Blessings

  1. Not to ruin the moment, but how can those two keep a straight face when they’re staring at each other like that? πŸ™‚ And I tried keeping a blessing journal, but lost my momentum after 5 days! But it was a real nice way to see just how many great things come along even on days that seem kind of rugged. Happy Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Miss you!

    • AND she kisses him after he puffs on that pipe. Do you know what pipe smoke tastes like? (Hint: not good)

      I’ll give you a pass on the gratitude journal, Deb, as you have your hands pretty full. Besides, I know you have a grateful heart every minute of the day. πŸ™‚ Happy Thanksgiving to my favorite Mayhews!

  2. Cathy–Thanks for the clip (I still have not seen the movie), thanks for the reminder, and have a great holiday tomorrow. (What is going to be your favorite dish?)

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