Leap Day and Email Etiquette

Wheee, Leap Day! I’ve never posted on a Leap Day and I feel like I should have something extra-extra special, something to do with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities (or at least once-every-four-years opportunities).

world-emailAlas, that is a tall order. But I shall try to make some sort of connection between those opportunities and my weekend post over at The Muffin About Annoying Emails.

Oh, I know! An email is often your golden opportunity to make a good impression on professionals in the writing industry. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you might say, if you’re pitching an agent with your wonderful query.

So you’re probably going to want to know what, exactly, makes an email annoying to folks who have to read A LOT of them on a daily basis. Not that any of you, dear readers/writers, have ever sent an annoying email my way.

You are all practically perfect in every way. But maybe you could pass along the email post to your friends. Anonymously, of course, as you have this extra day with time on your hands and an extra-extra special willingness to help those in need.

3 thoughts on “Leap Day and Email Etiquette

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