After Conference Learnin’

1-IMG_5349Gosh, I’ve been busy bidding (and losing and then having to bid again) and writing and reading and revising ever since I returned from Springmingle, our SCBWI Southern Breeze region’s spring conference. But that’s fine with me. I’m always so energized by a conference–I can’t wait to get to work. And I can’t wait to put all my new learnin’ to work!

I’ll try to get around to sharing a few great tips from a couple speakers but for now, you can check out the learnin’ I grabbed at a PAL Panel. (PAL stands for Published and Listed in SCBWI so these are members with serious experience under their writing belts.) Heather Montgomery and Sara Lynn Cramb packed a lot of information into a panel discussion on alternate streams of income for kidlit writers and illustrators, and so I pulled a few of their ideas and shared them over at the Muffin in “Learning Something New.”

Honestly, they could’ve written a book on the subject. And come to think of it, maybe they will!


2 thoughts on “After Conference Learnin’

  1. I also feel energized after a conference. Thanks for the tips at WOW. I did not test HE tests, but THE tests. LOL

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