I Won A Wonderful Book!

An exciting day here in Cathy C. Hall World ’cause I won a book!

I tore into the envelope and then I…well, I just stopped in mid-rip because the book is so gorgeous.


And I wanted to tear into the book right then and there but I stopped again because…well, it’s Irene Latham and her wonderful poetry and that’s something that one doesn’t tear into. One pauses and finds a nice spot–say, the sunny deck outside the kitchen–and then one sits and drinks in the poetry.

Ahhhh. And then one reads the interesting facts about Antarctica and feels snobbishly superior to all those folks who think they know Antarctica. Finally, one sighs and goes back to the beginning to read again. (One might even sit there pondering when one’s kidders will have kidders so that one can read wonderful books of poetry to said kidders…)

Anyway, if you have kidders or grandkidders, treat yourself to When the Sun Shines on Antarctica by Irene Latham. ‘Course, my book is extra special because I won it!

I almost don’t want to tell you how I won it because then maybe you’ll win the next book that I want, but Sheila’s so generous…so, okay. Get yourself over to Sheila Renfro’s blog where she gives away at least one wonderful book a month. You’ll find picture books, middle grade books, writing books…well, just a bounty of books! All you have to do to win is…

Hmmmm. I think you’ll just have to zip over and find out for yourself. I mean, I don’t want to make it too easy for you. After all, I’ve got my fingers crossed for this month’s book!


7 thoughts on “I Won A Wonderful Book!

  1. Cathy–Your comments about her poetry make me curious. I’m intrigued, so I guess I’m gonna have to check out her work.

    And maybe you need to buy a lottery ticket, since you were lucky with the book giveaway?

    • I think my luck only works with books, Sioux, but I’ll take that any day! (Yes, please, go check out Irene’s books–her middle grade novels are beautiful, too!)

  2. Love the book cover and the title. You are so generous to share the link to Shelia’s site. Think I’ll check it out.

  3. My grandson read a middle grade book by Irene and loved it. The cover of this book draws me in. Almost makes me want to go back to teaching…just in January when I do an arctic themed unit. Now I am going to visit Sheila’s site. You are generous.

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