Yep, It’s ANOTHER Book!

You know those people who release a book and then you turn around, and they’re releasing ANOTHER book, and you just want to yell, “HOLD ON A TIC! Didn’t you JUST release a book?” But then you remember that “Comparison is the thief of joy” so you smile and say, “Good on you.”

Get ready to smile, friends, ’cause here is book two:


I’m not sure why that poor little girl seems to be frightened out of her wits by the Russian nesting doll…and the boy on the far end looks as if the little girl has just released the Bell Witch into the classroom.

Anyway, there is nothing at all scary about this book. It’s lots of fun and full of information about five different countries. I hope the Korean children will like reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

(And I really hope I don’t find that Korea decides to ban Matryoshka dolls because of Cathy C. Hall’s latest release, Around the World in a Single Day!)


17 thoughts on “Yep, It’s ANOTHER Book!

  1. I might feel a wee bit jealous if I didn’t know how stinkin’ hard you work every single day. I’m truly happy for yet another Cathy C. Hall publication – and I can’t wait for the next one!

  2. The little girl’s expression is one of surprise, as mine probably was the first time I saw Russian dolls with dolls inside them. Reminds me of of a Christmas gift wrapped in multiple wrappings. I was not happy with my prank- playing mother that morning.. The little boy’s expression puzzles me. Guess he doesn’t get excited about dolls of any kind!
    Congratulations Cathy.

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