Off the Grid and Off on a Tangent

2011-08-02 03.05.19Y’all already know about the epiphany I had when I returned from the beach, but I fine-tuned it a bit and shared over at the Muffin today in The Off the Grid Pay-off.

If I’m being perfectly honest, I’m finding it downright difficult to make the lifestyle changes that I know I should.

I’m still reading my paper every morning, even though I’ve watched Lester Holt on the news the night before and know most of the important stuff. But if I skip the paper, then I’d miss finding out about some pretty interesting things in the world. Like the 86-year-old jewel thief who’s been arrested yet again. At Wal-Mart.

And though I am dashing through my emails these days, I just can’t help reading/watching one or two of those emails about the wacky, weird, and wonderful world out there. Which would be fine, except that then I Google more about the wacky, weird, or wonderful subject of the email because dang, y’all. It’s just so interesting!

The Internet–and all of our electronics–have sucked us in and I don’t think there’s any going back. I mean, we have kids who’ve never used a card catalog, who’ve never experienced the hours of  joy/tedium of the Periodical Index, who probably don’t even know the word “microfiche.” But they sure know their way around the Internet.

I don’t know whether to be alarmed…or jealous.

Or maybe, just maybe, this is the way our parents felt when we disdained typewriters for word processors, network TV for Netflix, driving our own cars for car-driving services.


So where was I? Oh, yeah. The Internet and how there’s a payoff when you go off the grid. Stay strong, friends, and may you find plenty of writing time this summer!

6 thoughts on “Off the Grid and Off on a Tangent

  1. I’m needing a little fun in the sun, sand on my toes and salt water on my nose. Hand held computers…who’d have thunk it? My internet is always with me.

  2. I feel sort of stuck (see my comment on the Muffin), but I must admit to getting some enjoyment from social media. It seems to be the place where everyone tells me about important stuff going on in their lives (but not the I-went-to-the-mailbox-and-picked-up-the-mail stuff, that I can do without).

    • Yep, it’s true, Pat. Social media can help you grow fans. The trick is to make all that marketing look like so much fun (instead of so much work!)… Lisa(the commenter and author above) does a great job of that–and I think she achieves a certain balance, too. Of course, she’s probably more disciplined than certain writers I kno–oh, look! A squirrel! 🙂

  3. Girl, you are a hoot!!!❤️ However I have had some of those same thoughts about the internet and what will the next generation will be doing! That is if Jesus has not returned by then! This world has gone to hell in a hand basket, with all the killings and the life styles people are choosing to live!!

    Hope this fines you doing well!! That pic of the beach sure looks inviting. How we’re able to leave it?? The beach is such a peaceful place and seems far away from all our troubles!

    Have a wonderful summer of what is left!!

    Love ❤️ you!!

  4. It’s hard to discipline myself to stay off the Internet. Once I’m on it seems like there’s something I missed that needs to be checked out. I’m the sane way with a good book. Once I’m hooked, I can spend hours in a new and exciting world.

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