A Little Ordinary Miracle

2010-09-06 08.50.16I sat down, fingers poised to write the story about what happened last week. But then I remembered what I said at choir…

So we had this choir retreat–a long day of getting back together after a long summer break–and I raised my hand and said I wanted to tell a quick story, something that had just happened to me.

Now if you know me, you know I’m not very good at telling quick stories. I mean, I tend to have little asides and a big build-up, not to mention the occasional backstory. It’s a gift. Anyway, I told my story, and as I was heading back to my seat, I said, “Now, that’s a Chicken Soup for the Soul story!”

Yep, everyone agreed that it’d make a great Chicken Soup story. And then I forgot about the story till just this minute when I thought about sharing it with you. When bam! The Chicken Soup memory came to me and a little voice said, “Maybe you should check the website, just in case.”

I haven’t sent anything in to Chicken Soup in forever, and the last story I sent in hasn’t gone anywhere. But hope springs eternal and all that so I checked out the Possible Topics page and saw this:

Miracles and More 
When Good Things Happen to Good People
All of us have experienced events in our lives that are completely unexplainable: the strange premonition that made you take a different route home only, causing you to miss an accident; the eerie feeling that you should call home… now, saving someone’s life; the mysterious communication from a loved one who has passed on. Angels, divine timing, miraculous coincidences, answered prayers, premonitions that come true. Good things do happen to good people. Please share your unbelievable and amazing stories about the unexplainable events that have occurred to you. Share the awe, the faith, and the wonder with our readers. The deadline date for story and poem submissions is August 31, 2017.

Okay, whoa. My story was one of those completely inexplicable things, an unbelievable story or miraculous coincidence if you will. So I’m afraid I won’t be sharing it here with you today. I’ve got to write it up and send it in to Chicken Soup. You saw that deadline date.

And this whole thing right here? A last minute checking of the Chicken Soup website and seeing exactly the topic I needed? It could almost be a “Miracles and More” story, too. 

Just sayin’. The world’s one miracle after another, if you know where to look.

(And P.S. Maybe you have one, too. Send it in!)

15 thoughts on “A Little Ordinary Miracle

  1. Cathy–Write fast. Send it in. I gave up on CS and then got one accepted (after sending in a gazillion stories that were good, by cracky, but didn’t get a nibble). I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  2. Since you won’t share the story with us here, you better send it in so we can read it when the book comes out! I love your stories. They always have that “Cathy” spin that makes me happy (even the Rumpelstiltskin ones…maybe even especially those 🙂 ).

    • Oh, I love the Rumpelstiltskin story, too, but including you that makes…yeah. That would be the two of us. 🙂

      But this one is different. This one has universal appeal. (I hope!)

  3. Well, I was really looking forward to reading about your little miracle, but I guess I’ll have to wait for the book!

  4. Just getting around to reading your email and found it very interesting! Love the “Chicken Soup” stories!!
    Have a wonderful week ❤️🙏❤️

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