End-of-Summer And What Have You Got?

cathy going home

Me and Libs on the porch swing at Tybee Island, and yes, I’m wearing my choir robe. That’s a story for another day…

Here it is the last day of August and I thought I really should check in because, as you may recall, I had grand plans to check in every month with my writing and such and it is the sorta end of summer. But you know that old saying about plans, right?

Man plans and God laughs.

So much for the Great Accountability Plan. And yet… I have been writing.

I’m halfway through a middle grade novel that I’m thoroughly enjoying. That is to say, I’m enjoying writing it and I’m enjoying reading what I’ve written. That is no small thing, I think.

And I’ve sent bits and pieces of writing out into the world, not because I felt like I should but because I had something to say.

Small steps add up and before I knew it, I seemed to be sorta back on track here at the sorta end of the summer. And I hope your steps–whether small or large–are adding up to writing success. Because frankly, y’all, tomorrow’s September 1st–SEPTEMBER 1st!–and we all know what that means, plan-wise.



8 thoughts on “End-of-Summer And What Have You Got?

  1. September 1st is a marker for me because for years I had a standing dinner date with my parents. It became an annual thing in 1978, and even during the years we weren’t together we would visit by phone. The date was important for no other reason than our decision that it would be. They’ve both been gone a long time now, but September 1st is still our date.

    As to my writing, well . . . I finished up a paranormal romantic mystery (not as genre confused as it sounds, lol) back in June, and since then have been working on a romance for Roxanne St. Claire’s Kindle World release (her Barefoot Bay series) in December. I’m not as far along with that as I had hoped to be. My goal was to complete the novel by September 1st, but as you said, “Man plans, God laughs.” So I’m not done with the book yet, but now you know what I’ll be working on through the month of September! 🙂

    I’m beyond thrilled that you’re writing and enjoying the process. I love your work, but you already know that. I’m excited to come back here and read that you’ve finished your book!

  2. Cathy–

    I’m glad you mentioned that’s your choir robe. For a moment, I thought that’s the kind of outfit you southern gals wear when you either garden or sunbathe. 😉

    You like what you’ve written, when it comes to a middle grades manuscript? I’m proud of MY middle grades manuscript so far. Perhaps it’s the age group? Perhaps if we keep writing for that group of readers, we’ll always be thrilled with our work?

    Well, you can’t blame a girl for trying…

  3. You and Libs look so comfortable. Must be the air and sea breeze that has inspired you. Or maybe it’s all part of God’s plan for you.

  4. Is there something about Tybee Island that inspires writers? I would gladly rent a choir robe and share your porch swing. I have been so distracted by a new baby boy and cute, talkative three year old that I did not produce as much as I’d hoped to in August. However, I am planning my speech for a panel discussion next week. You’d think I could just jabber, but here I sit revising, reducing (words, not weight) and rearranging paragraphs to make a better point. The flip of a new calendar page usually inspires me to produce. Kudos to you on your newest YA novel.

  5. Must be nice to have a nice quit place to get away! Perfect for your writing and relaxing! Just why are you in the swing with your choir robe on?? Hope you had a great Labor Day, as for us just another day!

    I am so glad to have some cool weather on the way!

    Love hearing from you have a great September


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