What’s In YOUR Gratitude Journal?

2013-05-25 20.36.42So the last couple of nights, I’ve written the same word in my gratitude journal: power.

In my corner of the world, the power went out on Monday afternoon, but not at my house. It’s an odd thing, but the first five or six houses in the neighborhood are powered by the local EMC, whereas the rest of the neighborhood relies on Georgia Power. My house is the dividing line between the two, and sometimes, during storms or ice or winds and rain, I’ll keep my power while right next door…darkness.

On any given day, I don’t think too much about the power that keeps my TV humming and my fridge cold, that lets me answer emails and read a good book before I go to bed. But then comes a time when lines go down, when I see post after post of friends without power, or look out the window to the black abyss that’s my street, and I realize how grateful I am for electricity. How comforted I am by the glow of the street light outside my bedroom window.

We just don’t really appreciate what we have until we don’t have it, do we? That’s what I said to Lisa, who moved to Florida a few months ago. We used to meet at least once a month for a critique group but then our group broke up and she got busy with her novels and I spent a lot of time taking care of my parents. So though we lived only ten minutes from each other, we rarely had the time to get together. We could get together, we always figured, so there was no rush. And then suddenly there was a rush for one more lunch that we never quite managed before she left.

I miss Lisa.

And every time I take a shower, I miss another friend from my critique group, Deb. Which wait–that didn’t come out quite right…


Juniorette Hall thinks it’s crazy that I have a notepad in the shower. I beg to differ.

Deb sent me a notepad that sticks on the shower wall, with paper that somehow you can write on and still read after you get out of the shower. It’s amazing! She knew that I often come up with my best ideas in the shower and so when she found this amazing notepad, she had to send it to me. I don’t know how I managed before this brilliant notepad came into my life, and I never write something down that I don’t say a heartfelt thank you to Deb, even though she can’t hear it.

Deb and Lisa and all y’all, too, are on my mind after this long week. I hope all is well with you and yours, and know that your name, if not in my gratitude journal, is in my heart and prayers.

Oh! And power. Power’s going to be on the list for quite a while!

9 thoughts on “What’s In YOUR Gratitude Journal?

  1. There’s nothing like a utilities shutdown to help us appreciate electricity at the touch of a switch. Clean water from our faucets. Gas for cooking and keeping warm. We are so fortunate to live in this country.

    By the way, a shower notepad is truly brilliant!

  2. We were so ready to lose power – had flashlights, cooler, ice etc – but we didn’t. We are so lucky and grateful. Sending good thoughts and prayers and donations to all those dealing with loss of power and everything else….

  3. Well, this post really resonated with me…for obvious reasons. 🙂 I really miss our little critique group and I really miss YOU. I think of you so often and between blogs and facebook it doesn’t seem like you’re that far away. Until I stop and realize that it’s been three years already since we moved to Minnesota. Glad to know you’re still using the shower pad, and glad to know your kids think it’s a little crazy. Thanks for this sweet post that made my week, and I hope you know how often I think of you with a thankful heart as well.

  4. Cathy–After reading your comment, I guess I should be grateful for my winged pig?

    We are lucky to live in this country. However, what has been going on in St. Louis–again–makes me wonder why some groups of people have less obstacles and an easier life than others…

  5. Hi Cathy,
    Having a gratitude journal is a great idea, and although your gratitude word was Power what I also got out of your post was gratitude for Friends. I’m grateful for my friends, both near and far.
    And what a nifty gift from your friend Deb.
    Glad you are making the best of a bad situation.
    Sending you hugs and warm thoughts from one of your many friends in Missouri.

  6. I already commented on this on FB, so you know I miss you, too. I came back for a second read because…well, I miss you (!) and also because gratitude deserves a second thought. I used to keep a gratitude journal, but it fell by the wayside. After last week, maybe it’s time to start again.

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