Those Passionate Self-Publishers


Books in the wild!

I always have a great time at the writer workshops I co-sponsor. (Well, not me personally. The Southern Breeze region of SCBWI technically is the sponsor. I’m just the smiling face up there, introducing the talented writers and illustrators and agents who come to share their wisdom. The awesome Gwinnett Public Library System is the other generous sponsor.) But the last workshop was especially fun because it was on self-publishing, and writers who go that route are especially passionate.

They have to be, if they hope to find success along that road.

In traditional publishing, you have publicity people behind you, getting your books out there to the public. Some houses do a lot; others do considerably less. Still, they get your book off to the right start so it can land in bookstores and libraries.

But those who go the indie route must start at the beginning of publishing and work very hard to get a book…well, anywhere. So self-publisher types tend to be real go-getters, and I love their enthusiasm. Heck, before the workshop was over, I was seriously considering that route for one of my books that hasn’t been picked up by a traditional publisher yet.

Anyway, during the workshop, talk eventually came around to promotion and getting your book out there. Maybe that’s what inspired me for today’s post at the Muffin, Paying It Forward the Write Way.

I think it’s pretty good advice whether you’re self-published or traditionally published. What do you think? Maybe I’ll have another workshop on your suggestions. (Well, not me personally. Ugh. You know what I mean.)

5 thoughts on “Those Passionate Self-Publishers

  1. Cathy–I want to be either the passionate self-published writer or 2) the passionate writer who’s represented traditionally by a publisher. I just want a book (by me) that’s published.

    So when Lisa and Pat whine (just kidding), I think, ‘They are lucky ducks.’

    I’ve already nibbled at The Muffin. Thanks for writing that post.

    • Sioux—I’m guilty of whining about marketing *hangs head* but it was nice of you to say “just kidding” anyway. But I’m grateful, too, for the opportunity to be published. It is something for which I count my blessings every day. As to the whining, feel bad for our friend Cathy, because she’s my writing Yoda and suffers through frantic emails when I’m in full hyperventilation mode. lol God bless her, she never fails to stick a virtual paper bag over my head—and not to suffocate me, either (ha!), but to keep me breathing—with her words of wisdom and solid advice.

      Whining isn’t attractive, so I’ll make an effort to stop doing it. (Cathy will read this and think, “Good grief! Haven’t I been telling you this for years, grasshopper?”)

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