The Zen and Zany Roller Coaster

germany-duisburg-tiger-turtle-106155So it’s March already and that means I’m gearing up for my regional SCBWI conference next week (I mentioned it at The Muffin in “Scheduling Success”).

That also means I’m going back and forth and up and down between sheer panic and zen moments. Something like this:

Panicky Cathy: Oh my word, I can’t believe I signed up to read my manuscript OUT LOUD FOR FEEDBACK in an intensive! What was I thinking? HAVE I LOST MY MIND?

Calm Cathy: I am one with the writing universe. All shall be well. No one will be listening, anyway.

PC: Of course they’ll be listening. That’s what they’re there for! An editor will be listening! And what if he’s the SAME person who’s doing my manuscript critique? Did I put my real name on that manuscript? How long does it take to get a name change???

CC: I am one with the writing universe. All shall be well. This is my tribe, they love me. At least, they claim to love me…do they love me? I mean really love me? Or–

PC: THEY HATE ME! And they’re Southerners! Everyone knows Southerners are much too polite to admit they despise you. If I hear one “Bless your heart–”

CC: I am one…all shall be…okay, stick a fork in it, I’m done. Sooooo…I’m gonna need a pen and a good fake name. What do y’all think of Harper Lee?


4 thoughts on “The Zen and Zany Roller Coaster

  1. I wish I was there to go with you, hear your great manuscript read aloud, and panic right along with you! But as I type this, my eyes keep wandering to your right sidebar, where you’ve got a spot for recently released books, and another spot for other places you’re published. There’s so much good stuff in there that I can’t help but be confident you can handle anything!

  2. Um Cathy… I think that name is taken already. I do have a friend named Leigh (note the spelling) and her dog is named Harper so you can borrow Leigh Harper. I don’t think she would mind. Of course you could a simple name, like… Patsy Kline. What do you think?? Pippi and I will see your zen self next weekend! And yes, we really love you and Pip will lick you to prove it!

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