Spring! Glorious Spring!


A tiny door and Popsicles–yep, that’s spring!


When the yellow haze spreads across…well, everything, then I know spring has sprung in my little corner of the world. And despite all the sneezing and the knowledge that in about a week, it’ll be awful hot and muggy, I love spring!

Not as much as I love summer, but still. I’m ready to toss my much-loved boots in the closet and slide my pale toes into my comfy and much-loved sandals (and flip-flops). I can’t wait to take my books out on the deck and enjoy my afternoon siesta there under the glaring sun. I love opening doors (even when I have to chase out the occasional bird and/or wasp that flies in), flinging open windows, folding up blankets and stuffing them away. I love hanging plants and cheering on my favorite baseball team (and please, please let the Atlanta Braves be better this year) and working up a sweat on my walks.

Yep, I’m pretty crazy about spring. I’m not as crazy about spring cleaning, but even that onerous task can have its bright points when I apply the principles to my writing business. And I thought you might want to spring clean your writing business, too, so I shared all about it over at the Muffin in Spring Cleaning, Writer Style.

(And if you are a writer of a certain age, you heard the tune from Love, American Style when you read the title of that Muffin post. Such a cheesy show, and probably way politically incorrect. But yeah, I kinda loved that, too.)

9 thoughts on “Spring! Glorious Spring!

  1. Cathy, thanks for a great column–and an inspiring one. After reading your ideas, maybe now I will clean off my desk and be able to see what color it is. Here’s a lift of the coffee cup to spring cleaning and lots of writing success.

  2. Not to brag, but my shorts & flip-flops never went into hiding—every day is a beach day here, weather-wise! Bwa-hahahahaha! *ahem . . . sorry* Seriously, I’m happy for you and my other pals in Georgia that spring has sprung! We had pollen here a few weeks ago—nothing more than a light dusting. Can’t compare to the rivers of yellow up in your neck of the woods. But you’ll have the Bradford pear trees bursting soon, and the dogwoods. Azaleas, too! So, so beautiful. And now I’m off to the Muffin! Because when Yoda speaks, I listen. 🙂

    • Yeah, yeah, I know, Lisa. The kids came over for Easter and I tried to get them to clean the screened porch and deck from the Great Pollen of 2018. You’d think I asked them to throw their cell phones in the Yellow River (which coincidentally, is even MORE yellow). And P.S. The pollen’s still there.

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