What To Do Instead

I feel like a lot of us are doing a lot of stuff instead.

2014-05-08 11.52.45

Except for Libs. She’s living her best life.

Instead of sitting around in a restaurant, eating and talking with friends, we’re wearing out our stoves. Or maybe just our microwaves, but still.

Instead of cheering our favorite teams from the stands or galleries or even our couches, we’re yelling at loved ones who insist on jumping on our couches.

Instead of going to church for our soul’s sustenance, we’re stuck inside, looking for something to keep us sane and/or serene in books or music or art or hilarious made-at-home videos.

So I’m not writing much, but I’m doing other stuff instead, too. And I managed to get those words on the page for my Muffin post, Things to Do Instead (Of Writing).

But I left off a few things…

Sitting down for Sunday dinner and propping up the cell phone on the table because Darling Daughter and her hubs were eating, too. They joined us via Facetime and somehow, we still managed to laugh and fuss and I’m sure I probably said at least once, “You kids behave.”

Taking advantage of all the freebies out there from those in the arts community. A friend called and said she had to set up a spreadsheet to keep up with all the webinars for writers and artists that are available. I mean, sure, I can’t write much but that doesn’t mean I won’t write again some day.

Singing and watching music videos and listening to CDs…when I saw that Kenny Rogers died, I had to listen to all my favorites and apparently, I was still singing “You got to know when to hold ’em” on the way to the mailbox and Youngest Junior Hall heard me all the way inside the house. He should just be happy that I know the words to that song. (I’m notorious for putting all kinds of  wrong words into lyrics and it has driven the Junior Halls crazy for YEARS.)

I also know all the words to “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” And I’ve been listening to Perry Como sing it because Perry is pretty special to me. So instead of worrying and letting my heart get filled with fear, I’ve been singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone.

It’s kind of like a prayer, that song. And praying for us all through these challenging times is at the top of my “Things to Do Instead” list.

Stay well and stay inside, friends!  And as Saint Thomas More wrote to his daughter, “Pray for me as I will for thee, that we may merrily meet in heaven.” (But not for a long while yet!)

2 thoughts on “What To Do Instead

  1. I am unable to read for any length of time, or write what’s on my mind. But I will one day soon. Your post grounded me and i don;t feel so alone in my lack of focus.

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