Accentuating the Positive

See this broke in half tree? That’s in my backyard. It crashed through the fence, leaving holes just the right size for Bigfoot to come waltzing in. And when I called my insurance company to report the damage and ask what was I supposed to do about Bigfoot, the nice person on the other end laughed.

I laughed politely back, just to show her I wasn’t completely crazy. But I was not kidding around, y’all. It’s been a bit of a wild ride this year and Bigfoot paying me a visit wouldn’t even be the craziest thing that happened in 2020 around the Hall House.

Anyway, Thanksgiving’s almost here and as I’m a firm believer in counting one’s blessings rather than one’s boo-boos, trials, and tribulations, let’s just accentuate the positive:

I’m still writing over at the Muffin, so you can take a look at “When Daylight Savings Time Ends” to see how I’ve dealt with that particular annual trial. And I also have a suggestion for how you writer types can use your best talent in a lasting way. Check out “Giving Your Best Gift: Writing” and let me know if you have additional suggestions. I’m pretty grateful for this gig over at WOW-Women-on-Writing; I love the support of my writing community and I’m glad there’s something that puts my derriere in the chair and makes me write. Also, that makes me think because as you may recall, I’ve had some technical bloggy snafus lately. (They’re still mucking about with me but happy thoughts, people.)

I’ve started Walking with Purpose, a Bible study program for women, and it’s been wonderful in so many ways. And even if you’re not looking to join one more thing, I can heartily recommend dropping in on the blog as a balm for your harried soul. Honestly, if not for the whole pandemic thing, I wouldn’t have the time or maybe even the inclination for this Bible study. So I’m grateful for the moments I’m getting to spend with new friends and new hope.

And I’m thankful for the Junior Halls (and their spouses!) and family and friends, and even the folks in my neighborhood grocery store who may not always agree on how the world’s being run, but do agree that what makes our lives worth all the boo-boos, trials, and tribulations is the love we share while we’re here in this crazy world.

At least, until Bigfoot comes through the fence. There will be no love for THAT tribulation, I can guarantee you. (But I’ll try to get video. And happy Thanksgiving, friends, be safe out there!)

4 thoughts on “Accentuating the Positive

  1. Cathy–There is lots to be thankful for this year, in spite of the suckiness of because of the virus. I hope Bigfoot does not visit you… but if he did, what a story you’d have to tell. 😉

    I hope yesterday was a good day.

  2. Cathy, I have been so lax, I seldom go on my computer. I read from my phone (on which I am unable to respond to blogs or emails). I am most grateful, but also feel bummed out by the audacity of some people with whom I must share this planet.We don;t have to think alike, but we must think of others. I would welcome a Big Foot visit.

    • Yep, I’ll do the same, Linda, catching up on reading on my phone but also not able to respond on said phone. But that’s another story. 🙂 No Bigfoot yet but a HUGE deer in the backyard, leaping over the fence like it was child’s play.

      I guess to a deer, it is. 🙂 Be well, friend, we’ll get through 2020!

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