Boo, Y’all

October is a bit of a busy month for me, but not necessarily in the work department. More in the fun department.

It’s my birthday month and Juniorette’s birthday, too. (She managed to come along exactly one day after my birthday, thereby providing me the best birthday gift ever whilst simultaneously putting my birthday on the back burner for…well, let’s see. How old is she now?)

Anyway, the point is, there’s lots of shenanigans. There’s Juniorette dancing at Fright Fest which goes on during October at Six Flags:

There’s my home team winning the NLCS and going to the World Series! (That’s my T-shirt from when the Atlanta Braves won the NLCS last time…22 years ago. And yes, of course I still have it. And wear it on special occasions. Namely, when the home team wins again.)

There’s the ridiculously cute magnet that was on a birthday card to ME. (My friend just thought it was a ridiculously cute dachshund in a sweater; she didn’t realize it was a magnet. And I was about to put the card on my fridge because it was so cute when I thought, geez, this card is heavy. It had two magnets on back. Hahahaha!)

And there’s the raccoon that has absolutely no fear of me OR Libs and clearly has decided that October is “Help Yourself To the Birdseed” month. So there’s lot of bringing in the birdfeeder and putting out the birdfeeder and chasing away the raccoon and forgetting to put the birdfeeder out again and…sigh. I think you get the picture. Speaking of which, here’s the little bandit:

Seriously, that raccoon is having a ton of fun this October. But what the heck, why should I have all the fun this month? Hope you’re having a boo-rific October, too!

Oh! And just in case you popped in, hoping to get caught up on The Muffin, then here’s some Halloween-related advice in Saving Your Sanity (In Five Easy Steps). Also, here’s my NaNoWriMo tips (NaNo Planning) for those who are fixin’ to jump into this writing challenge the day after Halloween. Buckle up, writers, it’s going to be a bumpy November!

4 thoughts on “Boo, Y’all

  1. That is one cute raccoon! But please keep him over there. I’m having a mouse issue and can’t deal with any outdoor creatures that feel invited indoors! Happy 🎃 Halloween😊

    • Goodness, I just found this in my inbox, Linda. I’ve been Nano-ing and lots has fallen by the proverbial wayside. But I couldn’t not thank you for the sweet words. She’s cuter but whatever. 🙂

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