It’s Been a Minute (But I Have A Good Excuse)

Before you start rolling your eyes–because yes, I typically take a little “Me Time” when the weather turns warm and fizzy drinks with umbrellas and good mysteries to-nap-by whisper in my ear–I have been well and truly at work this summer. Not at all like this cute baby raccoon hanging out ALL day in my neighbor’s tree…

If you want to peruse in depth all the work I’ve really, truly been doing, you can check out the last couple months at the Muffin…

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The Happy Wanderer (Or How I Follow he Hybrid Method of Writing

…Or just skip all that reading and I’ll give the summary: I’ve been writing, revising, and editing my cozy mystery novel. And researching like a roadrunner (does that work? I mean, I’ve been running here and there, speedily checking so yeah, roadrunner is fine) all the indie publishing information known to the digital world. And apparently, I’ve been resisting all the work at the same time (I wrote a post about that twice) but just to be clear, it’s not the writing–oh my goodness, I’m having SUCH a good time writing! It’s the technology, the business of publishing, marketing, formatting, cover design–SO much to do!

Something had to give and I’m afraid my poor blog fell through the cracks. And though a part of my writing heart will always be here at Cathy C. Hall, changes are a-coming. Don’t worry, there will be hoopla when the cozy mystery debuts but if I’m being perfectly honest, it could be another minute (or two).

♥Cathy and Libs

5 thoughts on “It’s Been a Minute (But I Have A Good Excuse)

  1. Cathy–I don’t have an almost-finished manuscript as an excuse. I’ve just neglected my blog.

    Maybe that baby raccoon was interested in Libby coming out for a play date…

    Keep going at that roadrunner speed. I can’t wait to read it.

  2. How exciting that you have a nearly finished cozy. PLUS you got to cozy up at the beach and enjoy summer. You are a winner.

  3. I left a comment and it still hasn’t shown up. Just want to say, so proud to know you! Kudos to you for writing a cozy mystery. Can’t wait..

    • Oh, Linda, thank you! Was actually on the road yesterday, coming home from the beach, so I’m catching up on both comments today. You are my target reader so I’m glad you’re excited about the cozy!

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