Tooting My Horn Tuesday on Taking Out the Trash

Yes, yes, I’ll get to the taking out the trash bit. But first, I have to toot my horn just a little for my superior technical compu-skills.

See, I had a TON of documents and invoice templates and pdf’s and ebooks and probably the very first essay I ever wrote, all hanging about, gathering cyberdust on the office computer. And as you know (since you follow along here at the Hall of Fame), I work on Precious the Laptop now, far away from the office where the Beneficent Mr. Hall resides (when he’s not taking his afternoon siesta).

Back in January (give or take a year), I had the presence of mind to zip all that stuff on to one of those zippy flash drives. And as fate would have it, I found that flash drive today (!) while waiting 35 minutes for the office computer to do its thing (P.S. It never quite did its thing.) Long story short, everything is now safely tucked away on Precious the Laptop (Okay, yes. The Beneficent Mr. Hall may have made a few suggestions as to how this delicate compu-feat could be accomplished. But I pressed the buttons.) So, ta-daaaaa! There really is no telling what scathingly brilliant stuff I might dig up, dust off, and send out.

Just like “Taking Out the Trash.” That’s the poem I mentioned a month or so ago here. The one I reworked several times, until finally I won the Katherine Kennedy McIntyre Light Verse Award in the 2011 North Carolina Poetry Society’s Competition. I received a lovely book called Pinesong where all the award-winning poems are published, and a lovely certificate and a very lovely check. So I think it’s okay to share the poem (which I found on my zippy flash drive. So there really was a point to that first bit of the post).

Taking Out the Trash

It was just ‘round the time when kids fall asleep,
And fathers plop down in soft chairs.
With dishwashers running, and TVs a-humming,
As mothers tread soft on the stairs.

“Did you take out the trash?” she asked with a smile,
She doubted he’d gotten right to it.
“Ten minutes,” he said, never turning his head.
Why rush around now and do it?

She picked up the gym clothes, the games and the books.
She put everything back in its place.
He sprawled on his seat, with his two propped-up feet,
A look of sheer bliss on his face.

She packed all the lunches, wrote checks, stamped the bills,
Fed the dog, even cleaned the fish bowl.
He cheered on his team, with a whoop and a scream.
“The trash, please!” she begged. His eyes rolled.

Okay,” he replied to the tone in her voice,
With a sidelong glance at the mother.
“I can never relax,” he said, stating the facts.
“It’s just one thing after another!”

Sisters of the Quill Unite!

As you may recall, I was recently awarded the illustrious Sisters of the Quill from the illustrious Donna, over at Donna’s Book Pub. And if you do not recall the awarding of such, I’m here to remind you.

Apparently, I have been ” deemed a quill-driver, a writer, a scribe, a schrivener, an author worthy of recognition.” That’s pretty swell, don’t you think?

And furthermore, I am “welcome to share this award with deserving writer friends.”

As you can imagine, I have a TON of deserving writer friends. But ever since I looked up The Highlander the other day, I’ve been on a “There can be only one” kick. Frankly, after perusing the pics of Adrian Paul (my favorite Highlander), I’m surprised I can think at all.

Bottom line: there shall be only one deserving writer, and she shall be…Tanya Valentine! Tanya is working on a couple of children’s books and I’m sure that one day, we’ll rush to grab her books off the the shelf. In the meantime, you can read her funny musings at her blog. She is one funny scribe.

And now, it is up to Tanya to pick up the Quill (Award, that is) and pass it on. All I ask is that you mention from whence it came before passing it on to the next deserving Sisters of the Quill (unite!).

Finding Something Friday: Books, Books, Books, Award!

When I typed in that post title, I thought of that childhood game “Duck, Duck, Goose.” And in a way, I found a few spots all about books for you to zip over to, click on, and then run back to whatever it was that you were doing before you dropped in here. So off we go!

At first, I thought the Gwinnett Library’s page over at Facebook wouldn’t have much significance for anyone but us Gwinettians. But then I had one of those aha! moments when I realized that ALL of my friends, wherever they are, can like this page and help our library get over 1600 Dummies books.

I’ve picked up a few of the Dummies books for the not-so-scathingly-brilliant Halls so I know how helpful these books can be. (Okay, okay. I read the Dummies books, too. Brilliance like this doesn’t grow on trees, you know.) And if your library is participating in the same promotion, let me know and I’ll happily like your page, too. Dummies books for everyone!

Now, a quick reminder that you can still comment to win Nava Atlas’ gem of a book, The Literary Ladies Guide to the Writing Life. I cannot guarantee that you will be a scathingly brilliant writer after reading this book, but I can say unequivocally that you will be the richer for the experience. Type your comment (with your fingers crossed) on this Hall of Fame post.

And now, for all of you poetry enthusiasts (and I’m including myself here), you still have time to dash over to Donna’s Book Pub where she’s giving away Tanka Moments: A Man’s Journey by David Lee Kirkland. She’s shared a few tanka (just in case you need a little refresher, and I’m including myself here, also, on what exactly a tanka is).

Speaking of the wise and witty Donna, she’s bequeathed upon me one of the inaugural Sisters of the Quill Awards. As such, I have been recognized as a quill-driver, a writer, a scribe, and let’s see…oh, yes! A schrivener and an author worthy of recognition. That’s very humbling, isn’t it? I had no idea I was all that. But on the other hand, who am I to argue with the wise and witty Donna? Stay tuned for whom I pass the award on to next.

As you can see, Gladys, my muse of a goose, popped in today because she thought we’d be playing games and talking about her. It’s scathingly brilliant books, books, books, and an award, you silly goose. And now, isn’t it time you dashed off yourself?