Tooting My Horn about an Awesome Bookmark!

Now that I think about it, I really didn’t have anything to do with the making of this awesome bookmark. I suppose, technically, I’m tooting Book Bling’s horn.
Anyway, the point is, you’re going to hear the story I call, “The Tale of the Goose Charm” or “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait-and Win Auctions.”
So, once upon a time, I made the highest bid on an auction item to benefit the kids in Japan. Before long, Joan Stradling of Jots & Tittles contacted me and asked what charm I’d like on my bookmark (the auction item), and I said I find Gladys the Goose pretty charming, not to mention a-“muse”-ing (That sounded better in my head), and could she put a goose on a bookmark? Oh, and by the way, could she use gold thread ’cause I need a golden egg right now (as opposed to the rotten eggs I keep laying)?

A few weeks passed, and then I received word that no, goose charms are simply not available but perhaps I’d like this special charm made from Gladys the Goose’s likeness?
Oh, yes, I said, I certainly would! And then today, I found this utterly charming goose bookmark in the mail. And I’m quite sure that I shall write happily ever after!
Gladys shall hang about, inspiring me because, technically, she can’t write. (Silly goose!)