Finding Something Friday on a Writer’s Wish List

A big thanks to my writer friend, Sally Apokedak, who sent me this gem of a sweepstakes!

It’s called a Writer’s Wish List Sweepstakes and all you have to do to win is pick your favorites from the Gotham Writers’ Workshop wish list and send in the entry form.

Yep, that’s it. The whole shebang. And then, come January 17, one name will be picked at random for each of the items listed. That’s like…let me go count. SIXTY-THREE CHANCES TO WIN!

Of course, it’s possible that there will be 63,000 writers signing up for each of these swell gifts. I don’t blame ’em. A few of these sparkly gifts are on my personal wish list addressed to the Beneficent Mr. Hall.

Uh-oh. What if I win something I already have? Well, I’ll cross that sweepstakes bridge when I come to it. In the meantime, I think I see the Beneficent Mr. Hall trying to type with his fingers crossed.

Finding Something Friday: Essay Contest and Cool Networking

Just very quickly going to remind you that if you have a burning desire to win an essay contest, but you don’t want to pay an entry fee, you still have time to enter the annual Funds For Writers Essay contest (no fee). Of course, you can also enter the annual Funds for Writers Essay contest (fee) as long as you have five bucks and can finish your essay by midnight on October 31st. The theme for this year is “diligence” and so may I suggest that you diligently set your butt in the chair and get writing those 750 words (or less).

And if you’d like to get in on some online hobnobbing with agents, editors and other writers, you might want to zip over to this spot and sign up for the WAE Network (Writers, Agents and Editors). I don’t know much else about this network except that it’s launching soon.

Somehow, I thought it had something to do with Kelly Milner Halls. But when I zipped over to her website, I didn’t see anything about this new network. What I did see, and what THRILLED me to my toes, was her new book, In Search of Sasquatch.

As I happen to have a burning desire to meet Bigfoot (or a Bigfoot), I’ll be rather busy reading all the stuff on her site. But you all should probably start writing that FFW essay.

Finding Something Friday: Humor, Books I’m Reading, Contest, Writing Tips

That’s not a very catchy post title, but it does pretty much sum up the day’s catch.
If you’d like to read October’s column in Modern Senior Living, check out page 13 for “My Not-So-Smart Phone.” (I could probably write a book about phones at the Hall house. One time, I walked into Juniorest Hall’s room and found this mangled mess of wires and such on his bed. Just before I threw it out, he yelled, “Wait! That’s my phone!” Which he was actually still using. It was the phone I’d purchased 24 hours after I’d bought his first phone–but that’s another story.)
As you may remember, October is National Book Month, and I thought I’d update you on what I’m reading now: Bella at Midnight by Diane Stanley (a middle grade novel with fairy tale overtones) and Bodies of the Dead And Other Great American Ghost Stories (Did you know Edith Wharton wrote a ghost story? Neither did I, but there she is with Ambrose Bierce, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Willa Cather, and Harriet Prescott Spofford. I don’t know Harriet Prescott Spofford from Adam’s house cat, but how many times do you come across a name with that many double consonants? When I finish this scary book, I’m giving it away in the All Hallow’s Read Giveaway. Don’t forget to mention BOOk in a comment if you want your name in the cauldron.)
Janet Reid (yes, the literary agent, again) is having a contest. You have till tomorrow (at noon) to write a 100 word themed Halloween story with the words she’s posted. You can win a critique from Barbara Poelle, and that’s pretty awesome for a micro-fiction story. (You get bonus points if you work in the word “insalubrious”. And yes, I know that you know what insalubrious means, but I thought I’d give a quick definition for all those folks who may have taken a siesta during 10th grade Vocab drills: insalubrious=not conducive to health, unwholesome.)
Finally, just a quick mention of the writing tips you can find over at Finders & Keepers this week. I mentioned that I attended an SCBWI conference and I wrote a “what I learned from whom I saw” post. It’s packed with stuff you can use, whether you’re a children’s writer or not. (Seriously. It’s kind of a long post. But no one will know if you skim it.)
And now, as my insalubrious tale won’t write itself, I have a story to find on this fine Friday. I’m pretty sure it’s rattling around in my head, somewhere.

A Conversation (But There’s a Payoff Contest, too)

I was late getting to bed last night because I was zipping around Twitter, reading about zombies and a contest, and spreading the news about such. I related that fact to the Beneficent Mr. Hall and he said, “I’m going to twit.”

Whereupon I felt compelled to correct him (so that others would not consider him a twit).

“It’s tweet,” I said.

“I thought it was called Twitter,” he said.

“It is,” I said, “But it’s tweet.”

“That makes no sense at all. It should be twit. I’ll twit to you.”

I could see this conversation getting caught in one of those annoying loops so I moved on.

“What’s your username going to be? You have to sign up and get a name if you’re going to tweet.”

“I have a name,” he said. “It’s Boogerface McGee 8.”

“Why the 8?”

“Because there were already seven Boogerface McGees.”

I suppose if you ask a stupid question…anyway, it occurred to me that old Boogerface McGee 8 was right. He’ll be twitting.

Now, the contest I promised you. Wanna win a Kindle? The lovely founders of Writer Unboxed are kicking off their new site, Reader Unboxed, with a lovely and splendiferous contest where you can win a Kindle and a gift card. That’s pretty awesome, huh? Reader Unboxed looks to be pretty awesome, too. So zip over there and give both a look-see.

You should probably know that I’ve already signed up and I’m feeling pretty lucky. Plus, I’m getting Boogerface McGee 8 to sign up, too, doubling my chance to win. Of course, he’ll have to figure out that whole twitting thing first. (But fingers crossed that he’s smarter than he…sounds.)

Oops! Forgot to mention my book giveaway! ANY comment this month, on any post, with the word BOOk in it will count in my All Hallow’s Read giveaway. On October 31st, I’ll give out a couple spooky books from my personal stash of creepy. And seriously? I found some pretty creepy stuff. Like Ann Rice’s Servant of the Bones. *Shudders while typing.*

Short Short Fiction = Big Big Winning

Oh. My. 78 words. Can you write short fiction? ‘Cause this contest is AMAZING.

The Aspen Writers’ Foundation and Esquire Magazine want your short fiction. Not just any short fiction. Your 78 words of short fiction. Yes, it must be 78 words. 78 really amazing words.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Writing 78 brilliant words is tough. Really tough. But if you can pull it off, you can win something big. Really big. TEN writers will be flown to New York for a fiction workshop taught by Colum McCann. And the grand prize winner will win a full scholarship to the advanced fiction workshop at the Aspen Summer Words in 2012.

78 words. No entry fee. No fancy formatting. Just 78 winning words. (By October 7th)