Still Crazy After All These Holidays

I almost forgot to add the last surprise to the Hall of Fame Holiday Giveaway! But since today is the last day of December, not to mention the decade, I have just enough time to squeeze in one more gift.

I was going to throw in one of my wonderful writing books, because a. I have quite a few writing books and b. I never quite get around to reading my writing books. So, it seemed like a good idea to foist off one on you. Um, give to you. Whatever.

BUT, then I received an email saying that From the Asylum was shutting its doors, and that made me kinda sad. And not just because the story I’d had accepted for an upcoming anthology wouldn’t be published. I really liked the FTA webzine; the stories were speculative and often twisted. And the stories chosen for the anthologies were more of the same. That’s why I was so excited when my story “Language Barrier” was selected for one of the earlier anthologies, Loving the Undead, An Anthology of Romance, Sort Of…

And then whammo! It hit me that I should give away one of my copies of Loving the Undead! Send one of my very first published and favoritest stories out to you with love and sort of happy, sort of creepy, wishes!

Ah, I’m feeling much better. And you’re going to feel pretty good yourself if you win the Cathy C.’s Hall of Fame Holiday Giveaway package! I don’t even remember what all I’ve squeezed into that package. But I’m thinking it’s a lot of good writing stuff to start the New Year!

(Leave a comment here or on any December post if you want your name thrown into Santa’s hat for a chance to win the Giveaway. Then come back in a day or two…well, let’s be honest. I’ve got A LOT of football to watch. So, just keep checking back to see who wins. I promise I won’t forget that!)