All for National Punctuation Day Stand Up and Cheer!

Gimme a C, gimme an O, gimme an M-M-A. Gooooooo, Comma!

Or apostrophe, colon, semicolon, dash, and ellipsis. It’s National Punctuation Day and I’m as pleased as a pack of punctuating people can be!

See, misuse of punctuation is one of those little pet peeves I have. I don’t go on and on about those who missed the punctuation pontoon boat, so to speak. I mean, Lord knows, I’ve misplaced a comma or two in my time. But when I see an apostrophe used incorrectly, I squirm a bit and want to fix the erring mark. And the rampant misuse of the semicolon? Don’t even get me started.

I’ve never met Jeff Rubin (the former newspaperman who instigated the holiday), but I’ll bet he’s a fine fellow. Anyone who celebrates the semicolon, and promotes the proper use of all punctuation, is worth cheering for!

(We’ll discuss ending sentences with prepositions another day.)