Finding Writing Snacks (A Site That’s a Treat!)

Honestly? I find writing snacks all the time. Under the couch, in the pencil holder, around the keyboard. But those aren’t exactly the kind of writing snacks anyone but me might enjoy.

Writing Snacks, the website, was created by Dana Cleveland Konop and Melissa Thomas-Dubois, who happened to have an awful lot of good writing stuff hanging about that they wanted to share. So, we get to chomp on their writing treats!

This month’s treats include an interview with Jo S. Kittinger, a children’s author who manages to accomplish a whole lot, writing-wise. You’ll want to read what she has to say if you’re wondering how to get motivated.

There are several regular features as well at Writing Snacks…you’ll find grammar lessons, writing craft info, the business end of writing stuff, and monthly tips and tidbits provided by guest writers.

Now, who could December’s guest writer be? If you said Cathy C. Hall, you’re most likely a very astute, not to mention scathingly brilliant, individual, one I’m sure who would take advantage of blogging tips and tidbits right here.

And if you didn’t guess Cathy C. Hall, then you need to hang about here more often! (And hanging about Writing Snacks wouldn’t hurt, either!)

Finding Keepers with Kidlit and TeensReadToo

Sure, you’re all about the writing. But if you want to write for kids, or teens, or even toddlers, then it might be a good idea to check out what kids, or teens, or even toddlers are reading (or chewing on, as the case may be).

That’s why I like this site I stumbled upon recently: Teens Read, too. At TRT, you can find the latest books, as well as great reviews. You can even find the TRT Hall of Fame, listing those books that the reviewers consider to be all-time keepers.

In a perfect world, I’d read all these books. But in the less-than-perfect world I live in, it’s pretty darn convenient to run to this site to check out a book.  Then I can decide whether I want to read it. Or, at the very least, I can get enough info to sound somewhat intelligent at the SCBWI conferences. is another great place to check out if you write for the kidlit set. It’s the site of Mary Kole, associate agent at Andrea Brown Literary Agency.  She writes about manuscripts, and books, and advice and agent stuff. Well, you get the picture. And if you want to get your picture book published, she might be just the gal to lend a helping hand.

So here’s something for you to chew on: make reading part of your writing routine, and see how far you can go!

Finding the Kidlitosphere Conference

conferenceIf you’re big on blogging about children’s literature, you’ll want to attend the Kidlitosphere Conference in Washington this October 17th.

But you know what? Even if you’re not a blogger, this conference might be perfect for you. Because it may give you that push you need to start a blog. It will definitely address any questions you might have, and inspire you along the way.

Look at some of these conference offerings: Building a Better Blog, Social Networking for Fun (and Profit?), and Coming Together, Giving Back.

It’s just one day, and it’s just $100. It’s in Washington, which might be very convenient if you live around Washington. Um, maybe not so convenient if you don’t.

Still, if you’re planning on taking a little trip, a one-day conference may fit in nicely. And hey, you can blog all about it!