April 1st, Not Just for Fools Anymore

So if you’re tired of all the April Fool’s shenanigans, perhaps it’s time for you to move on to something a bit more highbrow. Like National Poetry Month. Which just happens to be April.

Some people (and by people, I mean writer folks) celebrate by writing a poem a day. You can zip over to the Poem-A-Day Challenge that’s going on at the Poetics Aside blog and post your lovely poem. Or you can stop in at GottaBook if you’re a fan of children’s poetry. And if you want to win a poetry anthology, then you should drop in at Irene Latham’s lovely blog to see how she makes that possible.

I’ve been pretty busy already, on this fine April Fool’s Day, visiting and reading poetry. And now I think I’ll write a little poem:

To Sally Dog (Who Was Not Feeling Well, But Now She’s Much Better, Thank You)

Sally is my crazy dog.
She likes to chase the lizards.
She sleeps beneath my office chair,
And tries to steal my Blizzards.

She’s always there, and underfoot.
And makes me want to holler.
But life just wouldn’t be much fun,
If Sally didn’t foller.

Okay, it’s not exactly highbrow. But it is a poem.