What Not To Do Wednesday on Livening up a Dead Website

I don’t have much time here, but it being Wednesday, I thought I’d share a quick What-Not-To-Do on links and websites and such. To wit, I’m on the agent quest right now and it occurred to me that an agent might take a peek at my online presence. And what will he or she see?

Ooooh, grasshopper. That’s a scary thought. Because I’ve recently scanned a few articles on what a great website for a writer/author should be and I’m a wee bit concerned.

I’m concerned that I might have a few horror-type links out there. Take the vampire link, for instance. That’s the link that was doing its thing, hanging out peacefully, buried as it were, in the website. But suddenly, when I click on it…it’s not there! Maybe it’ll come back, maybe it won’t. But I can’t take that chance. So I’ll dump that link.

Then there’s the mummy link. That’s the one that’s so old and tattered, the one I’ve dragged around from one website update to the next. Perhaps it’s time to put that dated link out of its misery.

Of course, there’s also the zombie link. It may not be on your website, but it’s out there, following you around FOREVER. No matter what else you write, this link always seems to pop up around your name. WHY WON’T YOU DIE, YOU STINKING LINK???

Well. There’s not much I can do about the zombie link. But I really need to send a few queries out today, so don’t do what I did, grasshopper, and wait till five minutes before you hit the send button. Stay on top of those horrible links and keep your website and online presence alive and well.

(As for the zombie links, it’s every woman for herself.)

Finding Something Friday: Did Someone Ask for Zombies?

First off, I opened my Gwinnett Daily Post to find a veritable smorgasbord of zombie news. A review of the movie “Zombieland” got the living dead ball rolling, but then I found this neat story about a guy at Netherworld (a local horror spot that’s so scary, the Beneficent Mr. Hall refuses to go. But then, he won’t go down the street in the dark, either.) and how parts of this zombie-tastic movie were filmed there (No pun intended. Wait, I think I will intend that pun.)

I also read how the University of Florida had included a response plan for the zombie apocalypse on a disaster recovery site. Now that’s what I call being prepared. Apparently, the powers that be failed to see the prudence of having a plan in case of an attack of the living impaired. The zombie plan has already been removed. All I can say is, heaven help Florida if the zombie apocalypse starts there.

If you have a great idea for a zombie story, you should check out the Library of the Living Dead Forum. By my last count, there were 8 anthologies with open submissions for all things zombie-tastic. I’ve got a great story in mind, about a zombie attack in a Southern state, that had a plan and foolishly threw it out. Heads rolled.