You, Too, Can Use A Cartoon To Help Write A Blog Post

It’s funny how the old brain works, right? I needed a topic for a Muffin post and out of the blue, my brain went to Good Idea, Bad Idea from the old Animaniac cartoons (from the brain of Steven Spielberg). And of course, then, I had to spend a day, watching episodes and bits, for research, you know. But also because I LOVED the Animaniacs.

When I sat back to watch “I’m Mad”, though, suddenly the old brain gears clicked and I realized why I loved Animaniacs so much. Folks, welcome to my world, Oldest Junior Hall, Juniorette Hall, and Youngest Junior Hall–yep, the exact order of the Animaniacs–circa 1997.

Funny, funny brain.

(P.S. The Muffin post is pretty good, too, if you’re interested in hearing about Good Ideas, Bad Ideas when it comes to writing conferences. Even if it took me all day to write it. And now, I leave you with this last one. Good Idea: Watching cartoons to get an idea for a blog post. Bad Idea: Watching cartoons to get an idea for a blog post.)