Winners and Writing Retreats

2014-07-11 07.04.06I didn’t get back from the Week of Writing Retreat till yesterday and though I learned a ton and had an AMAZING time with a bunch of new, wonderful writer friends, I did spend a week up in the North Georgia mountains where the dragonflies were the size of a Buick and the towels remained damp all day and the phone service and internet were sketchy. So I walked in my house, took a deep breath and clicked my heels:

There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home…

And now, I have a TON of work to do and a bunch of amazing ideas and a whole bunch of thank you’s to write to wonderful agents and editors (who feel like my new best friends, too). But first, I thought you might enjoy a little insight into the pitching process, which culminated on our last day at the retreat. I shared that information over at The Muffin today.

Um…I should probably mention that you might not learn a ton about pitching. I mean, it was ten o’clock last night when I wrote The Muffin blog post and though my brain was going for AMAZING, I think what my fingers typed was more…well, a little less than wonderful. But it was witty. Sort of. Maybe.

Well…whatever. I hope you enjoy it. (I’m pretty sure the moth on my mirror–yes, he or she stayed with me all week long–would’ve laughed its teensy little butt off. And speaking of laughing one’s butt off, PATRICIA CRUZAN, you won Not Your Mother’s Book…on Family! Wheee! I’ll be in touch!)


What You Can Do, If You Really Want To (And That Includes WINNING!)

2014-05-08 11.52.45

Obviously, Libby (The Tiny Terror) can’t be bothered with doing much of anything on this lovely spring day. But I have been taxing my brain with Nina Amir’s (who’s currently on a WOW! ¬†tour) book, The Author Training Manual.

Goodness, it’s a thorough–and thoroughly thought-provoking–book on writing! With training exercises! (And you can win it!) But I’ll tell you all about the book when she stops here in June. For now, I’ll just pass you along to The Muffin, where I discuss a specific thought-provoking tidbit, inspired from my recent reading.

To wit: your willingness to do what it takes to make your writing a success. But you must also know what your idea of writing success is.

I know. It’s pretty heavy thinking material for such a lovely spring day. Maybe you should read something light and funny before tackling this mind-bender. Something like Susan Nees Missy’s Super Duper Royal Deluxe Picture Day.¬†

If you’re Tina M. Cho, you get to read this winning book, courtesy of me. For the rest of you, well…you’re on your own to find Susan’s books. But believe me, they’re totally worth it.

And please, don’t be a Lazy Libby. Find what you’re willing to do, writing-wise. Because that’s totally worth it, too.

Avoid Social Media Time Suck Winner!

ImageWhen I come across books like Frances Caballo’s Avoid Social Media Time Suck, I want to give a copy to every single person who commented. It’s the kind of book that you’ll go to time and time again…well, that’s what a reference book is, right?

And then when I read Trisha Slay’s review of the book–and Trisha actually has a (very delightful) novel called Not So Long Ago, Not So Far Away–and how she’s found the book so useful, I just really, really wished I could send you all a copy of the book.

Alas, there can be only one winner of this copy. But you can still be a winner, managing your time. Get Avoid Social Media Time Suck–and take the time to read it.

(Well, dang. That was the perfect ending to a lovely blog post. Except I forgot to name the winner. It’s LISA! I don’t know how many times Lisa has tried to win a book here–and not won. So don’t be jealous; just get your own book. See? Now everybody’s happy.)