Friday’s Fun Find: Omaze and STAR WARS!

Blog_Banner_StarWars_B-03I’m just gonna say it: I love Harrison Ford. I loved the first Star Wars because of Han Solo. I watched that movie multiple times, multiple times, sitting through all the space and fantasy story, just for those scenes when my hero, Han Solo/Harrison Ford, made an appearance. So when I saw him on this omaze video, naturally I had to watch.

Multiple times.

Isn’t it nice when your heroes use their powers for good?

I wasn’t familiar with omaze, but then I found out how they work, supporting amazing causes where folks could contribute and possibly win a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Well. All I can say is I almost love them as much as Harrison Ford.

Friday’s (Scary) Fun Find: October

So here we are in October and that can mean only one thing, y’all: MY BIRTHDAY!

Yeah, it’s pretty scary. It might even be fun. But it probably won’t be as scary fun as the cauldron of Halloween writing contests I’ve stirred up for you. Take a peek at this creepy lot: Halloween Ghost Story Contest (Brought to you by those creepsters from New England. I’m already shiverin’ in my boots. Also, age groups from elementary to adult. BOOooooooOOOOooooo.)

Scariest Opening Scene Contest (Sponsored by the Tell-Tale Publishing Group. And hey, it’s just the opening. Plus, you can win the Vincent Price Award. Vincent Price, y’all. A chill just zipped down my spine.)

Halloween Short Story Contest (From the folks at Amberjack Publishing. And the winner will get $500. Yeah. Five hundred dollars. ACCCK!)

So off you go–scare up some good writing. And by good, I mean horrible. OoooooOOOOooooo.

Friday’s Fun Find: Writing Tips for Writers (And Stickers!)

ben-franklin-quotesI am like the worst when it comes to Pinterest.

Actually, I’m not like the worst. I am the worst. But as I was checking the old inbox a second ago, I came across something from Pinterest along the lines of “Words of Wisdom.”

Now, I am a sucker for words of wisdom. I love words of wisdom. I have words of wisdom plastered on sticky notes and stuck all over my office. And on the walls of my bedroom (which is also the Beneficent Mr. Hall’s bedroom. So yeah, it’s becoming a bit of a problem). So of course, I had to take a few seconds to click on “Words of Wisdom.”


Thousands and thousands of writing tips. On Pinterest. That I could follow! And whenever a new tip (or words of writing wisdom) comes along–zip! It’s in the old inbox! (I found these stickers there–Printable Planner Stickers, and I thought, oh my word! STICKERS! For planning your writing week! Not to mention a couple pdf’s of writing freebies on the same website! Well, it was a veritable smorgasbord of writing words of wisdom, right?)

Anyway, now that I’m following this neat little Pinterest group, I’ll be in the know instantly! Or whenever I get around to checking my inbox stuff.

I’m sort of the worst when it comes to checking my inbox stuff.

Friday’s Fun Find: We Have a Winner!

2014-08-12 15.16.02Libby often joins me when I’m reading on the deck and I thought I’d let her pick the winner of There’s a Hamster in My Dashboard by David W. Berner. Wouldn’t that just be cute as a button?

But Libs (formerly known as The Tiny Terror) hasn’t quite got going this morning. Not to put too fine a point on it, but Libs is scrunched under her covers, snoozing away. And lest you think that I’m just being a meanypants, let me say that it’s 10:15 here, people.


And so Libs (now known as Lazy Bones) did not draw a name. I had to rely on who (that?) fortunately is always awake and rarin’ to go. And so this terrific book of essays goes to…Kidlit Gail!

I am thrilled that Gail won this book as she just recently got a pet of her own, a beautiful black lab known as Pippi. But that’s another story, friends, and maybe someday, Gail will write it for us!

Friday’s Fun Find: You Know Her As Scout

20150326140533!US_cover_of_Go_Set_a_WatchmanI am of two minds about Harper Lee’s Go Set A Watchman, even after reading the first chapter here.

It’s narrated by Jean Louise Finch, (you know her as Scout, I imagine) and I started thinking of the movie, To Kill a Mockingbird (and oh my gosh, you can watch the whole movie online here, if you don’t mind subtitles). And that got me to thinking about Mary Badham, who played Scout.

I loved Scout. Or I guess, more accurately, I loved how Mary Badham played Scout. And I began to wonder about her, if she were still alive or if she’d played any other role. (She is, and she has.) So when I saw that she was also famous for a Twilight Zone episode (the last Twilight Zone episode!) called “The Bewitchin’ Pool”…well, I had to watch it, and you can, too, right here.

It was a good one, for sure. And she was very good in it. Anyway, before I knew it, my Friday afternoon was gone.

Not too long ago, one of the Junior Halls (who had looked at the blog) asked why I said that I fished on Fridays. “You don’t fish,” she said. (She’s always been a rather literal child.)

How about you? Did the first chapter of Go Set a Watchman grab you? Or do you think there was good reason that Harper Lee kept it locked away for all these years? And didn’t you wish, maybe for just a minute, that Atticus Finch were your daddy? (I kinda loved that Mary Badham kept in touch with Gregory Peck till his death in 2003–and that she always called him Atticus.)