I Saw A School Bus in my Neighborhood Today

back-bus-education-159658It’s August 1st, y’all.


I don’t even have kids in school anymore and still, I’m seriously annoyed at this rush back-to-school. And yes, I know, the kids got out on May 22nd in my neighborhood so it’s really the same amount of time for summer break as they’ve always had. But when I see a school bus on my street on AUGUST FIRST, it just doesn’t feel right. I mean, when did we all decide to give August the summer vacation shaft? It just sticks in my craw.

And speaking of things that stick in my craw, I have a post over at the Muffin today on Stick-in-My-Craw Character Flaws.

I’ve come up with three annoying character missteps, if you will, but I’m sure there are plenty more which I neglected to mention. These flaws are just the ones that cause various extreme reactions from me. Like screaming out loud at the publisher (Come on, Harper Collins, how did you ever spend money on this book?) or throwing the book (That’s the final straw *tosses book across the room* I refuse to read another word— *remembers that it’s a library book and goes to find tossed book*).

Or maybe I pound my head into the desk because I’ve found in my very own manuscript one of the character flaws I despise (and just listed in a post over at The Muffin). So I’m getting to work on revisions for August, just as soon as A. my head stops hurting and B. Libs quits barking at buses in my neighborhood.





How To Forget All About The Beach

2011-08-02 03.05.19I left the beach yesterday afternoon–it was one of those beautiful days, a gorgeous breeze, white caps on the horizon, blue skies with cotton candy clouds–and I’m not gonna lie. I did not want to leave the beach.

But duty called. As in a writing workshop I’d signed on for–and paid in full. With Marietta B. Zacker from the Nancy Gallt Literary Agency. (It was on characters and how they affect story and why characters matter. Mostly.)

And just between us, I was not driving over to that workshop with a cheery heart. My heart was a bit whiny, and my lip might even have been poking out about a mile. All I could think about was how great it would be, sitting in my beach chair, with the clouds and the waves and the breezes. But then I saw a passel of writer friends–and the cotton candy clouds flitted away. And I started listening to Marietta and the breezes blew right past me. I went to lunch at the Dekalb Farmer’s Market with a couple friends and even when I saw the fresh crabs, I didn’t remember to pout. And by the time I had a one-on-one consultation with Marietta, I could not for the life of me recall why I didn’t want to go to that workshop.

The beach, I expect, will still be there when I go down to the sea again. But Marietta Zacker? Best get her while you can. She’s that good.

And P.S. I wrote about how to keep fit as a writer yesterday at the Muffin. Though technically, I didn’t exactly share how to keep fit as much as I asked you to share how you keep fit. But having just returned from the beach, I can say that taking a couple days off did wonders for my aching back. Now if I could just work that sand-and-surf break into my exercise regimen…)