Friday’s Fun Find: Grammar Comics at The Oatmeal

How to use a semicolon, the most feared punctuation on earth.So I’ve started this post several times; I’m trying to come up with an intro to The Oatmeal and Grammar Comics and the semicolon. But I don’t have time to figure out all the mysteries of the universe, including what The Oatmeal is, so I’m moving on.

Personally, I know how to use a semicolon. Maybe you do, too. Maybe you don’t have a clue. Either way, you’re going to laugh out loud when you read How to Use a Semicolon. Same goes for 10 Words You Need To Stop Misspelling or The Three Most Common Uses of Irony.

Well, really, you’re going to laugh out loud at whichever Grammar Comic you read this Fun Friday, which is pretty much the point of Fun Friday.

I have no idea what the point of The Oatmeal is. (But there are posters of the Grammar Comics; slap the semicolon one on your classroom wall and your ninth graders will think you’re the coolest teacher ever. For, like, the first day.)

Keeping Up With Advice for Aspiring Writers (Or Novelists, Even)

I always seem to be in a hurry to get everything done. Even when it comes to little, bitty tweets. So, when I’m zipping through tweets, I like to bookmark stuff that looks interesting. Then later, like when I’m watching the Braves on TV (mostly during commercials or when the other team is at bat), I can catch up on what I missed. That’s how I happened on Rick Riordan’s website where he offers Advice for Aspiring Writers.

Rick Riordan’s a fairly successful children’s writer, so I thought this might be some bodaciously fine advice for me, the wannabe published children’s writer. And I was right. Mr. Riordan shares his thoughts about his own writing journey, writing in general, and publishing. He keeps it short and (mostly) sweet, so even for a time-crunched writer such as myself, it’s easy to read the whole thing.

And if you have another quick minute, you might want to zip over to My Literary Quest, where a gal writes from the aspiring novelist trenches. I came across her post on The Evil Adverb when I logged in to write this quick post (where WordPress highlights a few blogs). And as she made a fine point or two, AND had “aspiring” right up there in her blog title, I took that as a sign.

So now, during a few commercials, I’m a smarter writer. Um, I may still need to work on that adverb thing.