When Irony Slaps You in the Face


pexels-photo-164661So this morning, I was paying bills. Naturally, I was already in a foul humor because finances and addition and subtraction and such is not really my strong suit, right? And then I came to my cable bill and I was like, “ALL right, enough!” And I snatched up my phone and vehemently punched in the 800 number.

I waited patiently–yes, I was patient–for a helpful cable person. In this case, Andre.

Me: Hello, Andre. (I started out very politely.) I’m wondering why I pay more for my cable THAN ANYONE ELSE I KNOW. (It took a very sudden turn to not-so-polite.)

Andre: Well, let’s just check your cable bill, shall we?

(Lots of other side comments were made. But eventually Andre found me a “deal”.)

Andre: So you’ll get three services and pay less than what you’re paying now for two! Does that sound like something you’d like?

Me: Why, yes, Andre, it does, indeed. Although I don’t need that third service. So what would that special price be, after we add fees and taxes and such?

Andre (figuring quietly): Ah! It’s only this little amount!

Me: Andre, that’s only twenty bucks or so less than what I’m paying now. Call me crazy, but I could go with a different service (One that streams, once I figure out all that streaming stuff) for about A HUNDRED DOLLARS LESS.

Andre (who did not skip a beat): So will you be switching to this new and improved package plan?

Me: *sigh*

I did not switch. At some point during the next month, I will be researching my options. In the meantime, perhaps you’d like to take a look at my Muffin post today (and here’s where the irony comes in, dear friends, because I wrote this long before my little chat with Andre) called, “The Writing and Cable Company Connection.”