My Favorite Thing About May

2014-08-12 15.16.02May came in with temperatures around 80 in my little corner of the world so wheeee! Bring on the heat! Bring on the flip flops, sunscreen, and sandals! Hand me a Popsicle or a long, cool beverage and then don’t bother me. I’ve got reading to do.

It’s not that I don’t read during colder temps; it’s just that I read snuggled up in bed (because duh, I’m cold) and before you know it, my eyelids are getting droopy. Bottom line, it takes me ever so long to finish a book when I do my reading late, late at night.

But when the sun’s shining and the deck’s nice and warm, I take my book (or Kindle) outside and Libs lounges about, too, watching me read. (And just so you know, I get all my writer business work done in the morning, and I write later in the afternoon, so I’m not a complete scofflaw.)

Lately, I’ve had a couple of self-pubbed books at the top of my To Be Read pile. And I thoroughly enjoyed these stories, even though they’re outside the genres I generally read. However, I do have a small bone to pick; you’ll have to zip over to The Muffin to read Self Publishing Pitfalls to get the details. And then you’ll have finished your work, too, and can join me for a lovely after-lunch read on the deck.


A Tale of Two Packages

It’s May! It’s May! The month of “Yes, you may.”

If you’re a fan of Camelot, then you probably recognized that line. And if you’re not…well, I don’t know what to say. I mean, who isn’t a fan of Julie Andrews and all those dazzling lyrics from Lerner and Lowe?

2014-05-01 09.32.15So…yesterday, I received two packages. Inside one was a watch. Not just any watch. A watch I’d given a friend.

And when I saw that watch, I wanted to cry. You see, my friend is suffering from Parkinson’s Plus. My wonderfully witty, smart and professional and generous friend is wheelchair bound now and living in a nursing home. She is not quite a year older than me, and she is divesting herself of her worldly goods, returning gifts to long-time friends and family.

The other package I received was a contract. It’s a contract from a Korean company that publishes in the education market and I’d just completed a book for 4th graders. And though I’m glad to have this opportunity, I hadn’t thought of making a big deal about it because…because it’s the education market, I guess.

My heart is breaking, thinking of my friend, her mind sharp as a tack while her body breaks down. I held that watch, feeling a little bit angry, a little bit guilty. Why must she suffer so? And how can I go on my merry way when others are suffering?

And then suddenly, I felt a lot guilty.

I sort of did choke up a bit then, washed in shame as it were, with the realization that my friend hadn’t just returned a watch; she’d given me a slap upside the head. A reminder to appreciate the gifts given to us, and to make those God-given gifts count every minute of the precious time we have.

2014-05-01 09.31.11And so today, I’m singing with gratitude in my heart. I have a contract for a book! A book with my very own byline! And someday, a Korean student might read my book and learn to speak English just a little bit better because he or she enjoyed my story!

It’s May, it’s May! The month of “Yes, you may.”


Tra La, It’s May! Let’s Do Some Bidding!

ImageTra la, it’s May! That gorgeous holiday! That darling month when everyone throws self-control away!

I hope Messrs. Lerner and Lowe won’t mind me switching up their lyrics, but I needed something amazing to convey just how ridiculously excited I am about Brenda Novak’s Online Auction for Diabetes Research. And honestly, nothing says out-of-control like Cathy┬ásinging really, really loud and clicking on auction items she can’t afford.

Writers can find a veritable smorgasbord of goodies to bid on, from critiques to cover endorsements to author dinner dates. But it’s not all about writing, or even book giveaways. It’s like going on a treasure hunt over there! Gift baskets, jewelry, handmade clothing, prints and art and…well, SO much more. I’m just a big fan of this auction!

I’m a big fan of diabetes research, too. Thanks to strides in diabetes management, my wonderful big brother lives a wonderful life. So I’m happy to support Brenda’s cause. And snagging an auction item along with it?

Better than Julie singing “The Lusty Month of May” at full volume. (Oh, geez. Here I go again…TRA LA, IT’S MAY, THE LUSTY MONTH OF MAY!)