Calling Children’s Writers: Start Your Writing Engines

It’s the start of the new year and you’d like to rev up your brain and start writing, right? You might want to begin with Shannon Abercrombie’s challenge:



Whether you’ve penned children’s books or dashed off a middle grade novel or tackled a young adult novel, here’s something you can sink your writing teeth into: Start The Year Off Write, twenty-one days of writing prompts and esteemed authors and illustrators sharing their insights. And prizes! LOTS of prizes! (And yes, I know it’s already started, but January 5th was just a few days ago. YOU CAN DO THIS. Um…I’m not sure I can do this because I’m already signed on for this next challenge…)



Meg Miller’s planned a week-long slate of revision stuff, including blog posts and videos and prizes! LOTS of prizes! ReViMo is specifically geared to picture book writers, so if you’ve ever participated in Picture Book Idea Month and have a slew of dusty drafts, here’s a great opportunity to shine ’em up. And you’ll notice that it starts Sunday. Gosh, that’s four whole days to get your little ducky picture book drafts in a row. You’ll need a couple polished-up picture books if you’re interested in this next challenge:



It’s the 12 x 12 challenge over at Julie Hedlund’s, where picture book writers can sign up for one of three levels (there’s a fee for each level) for a year-long dose of writing inspiration, advice, and prizes! LOTS of prizes! Registration continues for quite a while, so you have time to revise, work on writing prompts and really get your writing engines revved up before the fun begins.

There are SO many authors and illustrators and writers in the children’s community who give back with challenges and contests and advice and support. It’s amazing and generous and I so appreciate the time and effort it takes to coordinate these and all the other surprises that these and other writers have in store in 2014. I love to participate in these challenges, love meeting other writers, love how my writing improves along the way.

And yeah, I can’t lie. I love those prizes. LOTS of prizes.

(Know of a writing challenge? For essay writers or short story writers? Novelists or poets? Do tell–and don’t forget to mention the prizes!)