A Most Beautiful Gift Indeed

The other day, I was cleaning out magazines to give to a nursing home–I have a LOT of magazines, I’m not sure how or why–and so I was zipping through them. And then I came to an O Magazine and it literally flipped open to a page. I figured that was a sign and so I quickly skimmed and immediately knew what I needed to see:

IMG_20180508_124734916 (1)

I almost fell down from the power of those words, too. Not because I didn’t know this, but because I too often forget this: I am the loving expression of God. And so are my children, and so are my friends, and all of you readers, and even all of those people out there that I may not agree with on a pretty regular basis.

And I wonder if I’ve forgotten this because my mother and father are no longer around to remind me. Not that Mom and Dad said this to me…well, ever. But still, the way they loved me expressed those words to me every single day. A most beautiful gift, indeed.

I hope my children know that they are the loving expression of God. And I hope that I can remember that the next time a teenage driver cuts me off in traffic.

(Happy Mother’s Day in whatever way that wonderful word applies to each of you!)

(Also, thank you to Imbolo Mbue, author of Behold the Dreamers, for sharing that reminder. And just like that, I know I will read this novel.)

A Tootin’ My Horn Tuesday for Mom

2009-07-09 13.08.51

Mom with Juniorette Hall, both giving me the exact same look.

May has always been one of my favorite months…

The pollen’s been washed away and glorious blooms explode in my corner of the world. The Junior Halls brighten my deck with hanging planters on Mother’s Day and a week later, it’s my mom’s birthday, and I’m off to the beach with a hanging plant for my mom.

I’ll still head to the beach to remember Mom this year on her birthday, but the plant I bring will grace her spot at the cemetery instead. And this year, I’ll bring a copy of Sasee Magazine to my dad. I think he’ll enjoy reading about Mom and “The Dress”, a moment in my teenage years that I’m sure he knew nothing about.

Mom was the one I always confided in from the time I could talk. (I didn’t talk much outside my home when I was little; poor Mom had to listen to my nonstop chatter for years.) I miss talking to Mom but I’ve come to know my dad so much better–and that has been a blessing that I think Mom would enjoy.

I think she’d get a kick out of this story that’s in this month’s issue of Sasee, tooThough honestly, she probably wouldn’t remember that dress–or the depth of her kindness. An afternoon that meant so much to her daughter was just Mom being Mom.

Ah, well. As long as May brings flowers, it will also bring happy memories of Mom, and so happy May! May your month bloom with blessings, too!

(P.S. Speaking of blessings, friend Sioux Roslawski is also in this month’s issue of Sasee with “The Blessings of Being Chosen.” I know you’ll love it!)